Eastern Fortune Restaurant: Calgary, Alberta

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I don’t know if this happens at your place or not,  but Ben and I (mostly Ben and sometimes I) get hungry late at night.  There times when we do the odd instant noodle before bed or a piece of … Continue reading

Without Papers: Calgary, Alberta

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A couple weeks ago, Ben and I were working on a Saturday.  It was one of those “catch-up” days which I find we’re doing a lot of lately.  As we worked all-day Saturday we got really hungry and felt super … Continue reading

Meyer Lemon Recipe Series: Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives and Meyer Lemons

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This past weekend, I wanted to try something out of my cooking style –Aka. cook with unknown ingredients and pray that it works.  I still had a bunch of Meyer Lemons and I didn’t just want to bake sweet goodies … Continue reading

Ox and Angela: Calgary, Alberta

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When Valentines Day came a few weeks ago, we didn’t make any plans.  I honestly thought we would be ordering McDonalds take-out or go to another Chinese restaurant.  But Ben all of a sudden suggested Ox and Angela… which is … Continue reading