About Me

Hello my name is Anna and I have an Appetite for all things food and all that comes with it.

I moved to Calgary in the later part of 2006 with my partner in crime Ben.  We both graduated from the University of Manitoba and packed our one little car with all the things we thought we needed and moved out West where the boom was.

Both of us grew up in an Asian household so you can imagine that we ate everything under the sun.  Also, we’re (currently) a childless couple and have our own business so we eat out a lot.  This blog is a journal of what we ate, where we ate, and sometimes how I cooked it.  It’s a personal journal of where we’ve been and how were doing.  I find that what we eat kinda makes us who we are and is part of our identity, as we grow and mature, our tastebuds do too and this is just a small clip showcasing our life.

Any places you want to suggest?  Or questions?  Just send me a e-mail:  annasappetite [at] yahoo [dot] com

Or you can send me a message on Twitter:  @annasappetite

Happy Eating!



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