Hello! I’m Anna and I have an Appetite.

Well like everyone on this earth I eat.  But I just happen to eat a little more and my cravings are the worst.  I must say, this  blog is not just about indulgence and my yearning to listen to my stomach.   But it’s basically like a little journal for myself about what I cook and eat.  This is my new hobby, my new “interest”- that and exercising since I don’t want to show the effects of my new found happiness 🙂  But also, I want to prove that I can be a decent cook and I do have some good taste when it comes to my dinner choices.   My goal for this year and hopefully for awhile is to cook dinner at least 4 times a week, since I work a lot during the week I spend a lot of time eating out after work because I get off at a later hour than most people.  Also, I live with a boy who has the most craziest metabolism ever and a picky tongue so I need to cook good.   I hope what this blog can bring is a reflection of my growth in the kitchen and as a person.  I hope I will be an enjoyable experience as well as a learning one.

Therefore, I want to thank for those to took the time to read this and I hope we may both enjoy the adventures of my appetite!