YYC Burger Week: The Fine Diner (Calgary, Alberta)

YYC Burger Week is happening May 2nd – May 10th where you’ll have 30 restaurants across Calgary fighting to be champion in their respective price category.  There will be burgers costing $10, $15, and $20 and the restaurants that I’ve been too have been going all out to be the best!  10% of proceeds from each burger will be going to charity.   So drink that green smoothie, jog a little extra longer, get your stretchy pants out and get ready for an epic week of burger eating! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to be an ambassador for YYC Burger Week.  I was tasked to go with friend and blogger, Miss.Foodie  to check out 4 of the participating restaurants to get a sneak peak at their competing burger.  My second restaurant is  a neighbourhood darling,  The Fine Diner,  located in the ever hip community of Inglewood in Calgary.  Here is their burger profile:

Name:  The Surf n Turf Burger

Price Category:  $15.00

Star Ingredients:  Lobster with a 5 oz Gluten -Free Angus Beef Patty

Sides:  Duck Fat Fried Fries, (Soup or Salad upon request)

Gluten Free Option:  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Availability :  Daily between 7am – 3pm


The Surf & Turf Burger from the Fine Diner.

The Surf n Turf Burger with Duck Fat Fried Fries from The Fine Diner.   $15

The Components: Buttered brioche bun, lobster warmed in garlic butter ,  5 oz Angus beef patty, cheddar cheese, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic aioli and a pickle spear.

Surf n Turf Burger- Up Close!

Surf n Turf Burger- Up Close!

You know, I take my responsibilities of being a Burger Ambassador very seriously.   Miss.Foodie and I just ate the NOtaBLE burger a couple hours prior and we still trekked our way across town for round 2 of burger duties.

This time at The Fine Diner, we were asked if either of us were allergic to shellfish.  This question peaked my curiosity and long and behold Chef Eddy Gurney came out with basically a lobster burger.  A LOBSTER BURGER.  I mean, yea, there’s a 5 oz Angus beef patty that was cooked well, nicely charred, really tasty but LOBSTER!  Now for those who want a classic old school burger, but with the luxury treatment of added crustaceans-  this burger is definitely for you.  The butter brioche bun, 5 oz Angus beef patty, lobster meat (claw as you can see- best part ever) warmed in garlic butter, and melted cheddar cheese definitely makes the Surf n Turf a heavy duty burger.  Yes, Chef Eddy did not skimp on the lobster with this burger.   Classic toppings such as garlic aioli, tomatoes, lettuce and fresh red onions adds a crisp component to counter it’s obvious hearty richness.  Together with the added DFF Fries (Duck Fat Fried Fries!!!), this makes for one ridunkculous burger (in the best way).   Damn you Inglewood, why do you have to be so lucky?


The Fine Diner on Urbanspoon


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