Without Papers: Calgary, Alberta

A couple weeks ago, Ben and I were working on a Saturday.  It was one of those “catch-up” days which I find we’re doing a lot of lately.  As we worked all-day Saturday we got really hungry and felt super lazy to cook dinner so we decided to go out.  As I scan through my Twitter feed I noticed that Without Papers (@wopizza) said they had no wait list.  The first thing that came to mind was “Yippee!!!!” – yes, I actually say that in my head.  Excitement rushed into me as I told Ben to head for Inglewood!  The reason why I was so excited is because over the past couple of years these thin crust/Neapolitan style pizzas has been extremely popular and these places get packed very fast and they don’t do reservations.

Without Papers is located in Inglewood where Nectar Desserts use to be, so if you’re going for the first time, just look out for the red door.  It doesn’t have a store front necessarily on street level, you have to find the red door on the street level and go up the stairs to the second level.  There’s also plenty of street parking and pay-parking down the block.

Thankfully, once we got in we were able to snag the last two spots they had available.  After we were seated the line-ups started happening.  I love the wood decor they have in there, it’s such a warm, casual relaxing atmosphere.  They also have a projection screen on the walls playing a Woodstock-like documentary too.

It was snowing that day and the chill from the wind was quite cold, so instead we ordered tea (don’t judge, I know we should have gotten wine but our Asian instincts told us to get tea….),  and the tea cups were so dainty.

We started our meal off with a salad (since we felt obligated to fulfil our duty of eating vegetables).

This was actually very very good.  To be honest I was little worried about how the roasted squash was going to be but it ended up being nice surprise every time we took a bite out of this salad.  It wasn’t too soft and still had that bite to it.  The apples added a nice tartiness to balance the richness of the squash and the dijon vinaigrette.

Lets Do It For Kenny: Fior di Latte, Anchovies, Oregano, Capers, Tomato sauce, Olive oil

Call me crazy, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this on the menu was “Hmmm, I wonder what’s so bad about anchovies that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wouldn’t eat it?”; and after trying I honestly I still don’t get why they hate it.  I loved this pizza, it’s on the saltier side because of the anchovies (and don’t be fooled by the amount of anchovies on here, a little goes a long way….) but I’m a salty girl so I didn’t mind it.  I love the taste of salty fish since I grew up eating a lot of salted fermented fish.

Hutch: Spicy Cacciatore Salami, Spicy Calabrese Salami, Pepperonata, Mozzarella, Fiore di Latte, Tomato Sauce

Ben picked the Hutch since he loves salami and he likes this more than the anchovies.  If you like a little bit of a spicy kick, this is you’re pizza.  It’s very flavourful and it’s great that they added some bell peppers (pepperonata) for a bit of sweetness.   He also said that this tastes much more tangy and more robust with flavours than the Let’s Do It For Kenny.   We did share, and I liked this too.  It’s probably more suitable for a wider range of palates.

Overall, this is a great spot for a relaxing night with friends or a great spot for dates.   Our server was very observant and always filled up our glasses of water and our tea pot.  The pizzas do require more time to bake in the oven and if it’s busy (which chances are it will be when you go), be prepared to wait so make sure you order an appetizer, which by the way I noticed a lot of people ordering their meatballs and we’ll do that the next time we go.  They also do take-out and make deliveries.  Also they have 1/2 priced pizza about an hour (or a half hour) before they close,  if anything it’s best to follow them on Twitter for updates (@wopizza).

Without Papers on Urbanspoon

On a side note: 

From a business prospective,  I have to admit everyone was working really hard!  I know it’s weird to point stuff like that out, but I appreciate employees that put their heart and dedication into what they do.  There was a waitress there who I assume also does deliveries, and seriously she worked non-stop,  she would come in and take your plates away and you wouldn’t know it.  She was one of those people who were really observant.  The reason why I mention this is because it looked like she just came in from doing deliveries or was just about to go out, regardless she started taking plates away, cleaning tables, filling water without even stopping to take off her helmut and bike gear off.  She knew it was busy and stuff needed to get done and did it.  Even the guys in the kitchen worked non-stop  making the pizzas and they took their time to toss and stretch the pizzas and were super focused,  no one sat around gossiping, everyone was moving and worked with a smile on their faces.   Good job on hiring quality staff WoP!


4 thoughts on “Without Papers: Calgary, Alberta

  1. I’ve never heard of this place before, it looks like a nice cozy place. Is it just me or are more high end pizza places popping up around Calgary? I’ve been to Double Zero which I thought was a pretty cool.
    I’ve gotta agree with you on the hardworking employees. It leaves a huge impression on me when people do their job well. I’ve been to too many places where the servers act like they’re doing you a favour just by being in their presence.

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