YYC Burger Week: Selkirk Grille (Calgary, Alberta)

YYC Burger Week is happening May 2nd – May 10th where you’ll have 30 restaurants across Calgary fighting to be champion in their respective price category.  There will be burgers costing $10, $15, and $20 and the restaurants that I’ve been too have been going all out to be the best!  10% of proceeds from each burger will be going to charity.   So drink that green smoothie, jog a little extra longer, get your stretchy pants out and get ready for an epic week of burger eating! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to be an ambassador for YYC Burger Week.  I was tasked to go with friend and blogger, Miss.Foodie  to check out 4 of the participating restaurants to get a sneak peak at their competing burger.  My third restaurant (and Miss. Foodie’s fourth) is in beautiful Heritage Park, it’s known as The Selkirk Grille.  Here is their burger profile:

Name:   The Heritage Burger

Price Category:  $20.00

Star Ingredients:  Black Angus AAA 7.5 oz,  Foie Gras Torchon

Sides:  Kennebec Fries or House Salad

Gluten Free Option:  OH YES!

Availability :  Lunch Only

The Heritage Burger  $20

The Heritage Burger $20

The Components:  Black Angus AAA 7.5 oz patty (cooked in duck fat), oka cheese, foie gras torchon, house made tomato jam, brassica mustard aioli, cotton fried onions, buttered pickles, hotchkiss tomatoes, lettuce all between Alberta baked bun.

Up close and personal

The Heritage Burger up close and personal

Chef Lan Thai along with Executive Chef Jan Hanson collaborated to create a burger based on Selkirk Grille’s French Canadian menu.  I will admit,  when I think of Heritage Park I don’t think of it as being a dining destination.  This burger did change my mind.  Chef Lan was able to prepare a highly tasty and well balanced burger that kept me wanting more.  The Black Angus AAA Beef patty cooked with duck fat was perfectly prepared.  Slightly charred and well seasoned,  the patty had tonnes of flavour.  The tomato jam stood out as it gave this sweet and slightly tangy component to the burger.  There was the right amount of foie gras torchon on the burger to nicely add that rich umami flavour without overpowering it. The cotton fried onions were a nice textural touch to the burger, giving it that sweet onion flavour and a slightly grilled soft sesame bun was perfect.  I also loved how much thought was put into this burger as Chef Lan discussed with us how we all love a messy, dirty burger, but we would appreciate it if our toppings didn’t slide out-  especially the tomatoes.  That being said,  Chef Lan basically did a concassé of tomatoes and placed them on top of the brassica mustard aioli so that it would fall out.  To me thats GENIUS!  As much as I love a dirty, messy burger,  it is much more convenient if I have my tomatoes not slip out.  I like to have a little bit of everything in each bite with grease dripping down my hand.    Overall this has to be my favourite beef burger.  All the components worked well to give it the right amount of balance that keeps you wanting more.

Great job Selkirk Grille!  I’ll definitely be back for this burger. 🙂


Selkirk Grille at Heritage Park on Urbanspoon


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