Dinesty Chinese Restaurant 聚: Richmond, BC

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There’s so much Cantonese cuisine in Richmond, in most of Canada really.  So we were wanting to try something a little different.  After scouring the internet to see what was popular, we came across Dinesty Chinese Restaurant.  It has pretty … Continue reading

Lido Restaurant 麗都餐廳: Richmond, BC

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Wow, I just realized how many months have gone by and I haven’t finished posting our trip to Richmond, BC! Alright, so I have officially declared my favourite breakfast hub in Richmond, BC.  It’s known as Lido Restaurant.Lido Restaurant can … Continue reading

Tropical Delight Noodle House: Calgary, Alberta

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I’m really excited to write this post and to share this little discovery of mine.  🙂 I eat a lot of Asian food in my home and outside.  A lot of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and a dash of Cambodian.  There … Continue reading

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司: Jordan District, Hong Kong

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When Ben and I arrived to Hong Kong late Saturday night, we were initially wanting to go to our regular congee place in Sheung Wan but they were closed on Sundays  :(.  So our next choice was to go to … Continue reading