100% Healthy Desserts: Richmond, BC

After our dinner at Guu Original in Vancouver, Ben and I were so so tired.  Food comas and soar feet makes you wanna go back to the hotel and crash.

But that didn’t stop us from going out a little later in the day for – dessert.  Hell yeah, you better believe I want some damn dessert after a long day.  I mean,  the whole reason why you eat your dinner is so you can have dessert. You go through the vegetables and meat all so you can be rewarded with dessert.

Food blogger friend Miss.Foodie suggested to me to check out 100% Healthy Desserts, so we took our re-energized feet and drove to get our hit of sweetness.

First of  100% Healthy Desserts opens late night and probably has only 10 tables or so.  Definitely not a place to have large group of friends, but great if you’re for couples.

Most of the menu has pictures of the desserts they serve which makes it great so you can see how funky some of the desserts look.

Above are a just a few pages of the menu that I quickly took pictures of before we had to order.

Ben and I both shared something hot and something cold.  Our something hot was a Black Sesame Baked Pudding for $4.95

Black Sesame Baked Pudding $4.50

I really liked this,  it’s basically a spongy tapioca custard pudding with a sweet black sesame (roasted sesame) sauce on the bottom.  It was very warm and had the right amount of sweetness to it.  I must warn you though, the black sesame sauce on the bottom was uber hot when started to dig into it.

Ok I first want to admit I’m a very bad, bad food blogger.  There are many times when I get a little too into the food and not enough note taking.  I honestly do not remember what the cold dish we had, but all I know is that there was mixed fruits but mainly mango and that we chose this because there was a picture of it on the menu.  If I had my guess, I would call it a “Mango Icy” but don’t quote me (for some reason that just popped into my head).  I don’t even know the price of it, but I can only assume it was around $6.00 for this because I remember the bill coming to around $10.00.  

Ok, I’m a horrible blogger, I don’t know what the hell this is. I searched online, there’s no menu. BUT I know on the menu there is a picture of this dish on there, I swear!

As pretty as this dish was, it was a little too cold for my liking.   There wasn’t enough sweetness in the dish overall.  The fruits were a bit on the frozen and bland side and I felt that there was just too much ice for my liking.  I remember during a trip to Los Angeles to visit relatives,  one of my cousins took me to a Taiwanese ice shop where they had something like this icy, but instead you pick your own fruits and jellies and they would then drizzle sweeten condense milk over it.   Drool*   That was my best experience with an ice dessert, and even though it was about 15 years ago that I had ice dessert, it’s still very delicious in my mind.

Overall, 100% Healthy Dessert is a nice little dessert house.  Given the small size and just having a very small staff of two manning the whole place,  you may want to prepare yourself for a bit of wait if it’s a busy night.  There’s tonnes of parking around the strip mall that it’s in and it’s open late.  Oh and bring cash.

Anna’s Notes

–   Small space, don’t come in large groups (no more than 3 people at a time)

–   Strip mall parking available with tonnes of spaces

–   Open late.

–   Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly

–   Bring Cash

–   Small staff of two (when I went), so service could be a bit slow.

100% Healthy Dessert 百分百甜品 on Urbanspoon


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