YYC Burger Week: NOtaBLE (Calgary, Alberta)


YYC Burger Week is happening May 2nd – May 10th where you’ll have 30 restaurants across Calgary fighting to be champion in their respective price category.  There will be burgers costing $10, $15, and $20 and the restaurants that I’ve been too have been going all out to be the best!  10% of proceeds from each burger will be going to charity.   So drink that green smoothie, jog a little extra longer, get your stretchy pants out and get ready for an epic week of burger eating! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to be an ambassador for YYC Burger Week.  I was tasked to go with friend and blogger, Miss.Foodie  to check out 4 of the participating restaurants to get a sneak peak at their competing burger.  My first restaurant is the ever popular, NOtaBLE,  located in Montgomery area of Calgary.  Here is their burger profile:

Name:  The NOtaBLE Burger

Price Category:  $20.00

Star Ingredient:  Pork & Wild Boar Patty

Sides:  Soup, Salad or Fries

Inspiration:  An homage to Chef Justin Labossiere French Canadian heritage.

Gluten Free Option:  YES!  Buns made with Only Oats certified gluten free oats!

Availability :  All Day, Everyday (Lunch, Dinner & Brunch)

The NOtaBLE Burger:  $20

The NOtaBLE Burger: $20


The Notable Burger- up close!

The NOtaBLE Burger- up close!

Components: Naturally raised 7 oz pork and wild boar patty with a foie gras butter made of melted unsalted butter emulsified with maple syrup & Madeira. Black truffle aioli with black truffle shavings, double smoked bacon, picked red onion, oka cheese, local lettuce & tomatoes all between a house made sesame seed bun.

This was an amazing pork burger and I’ll tell you why. Wild boar meat can be slightly gamey but packs a hearty pork flavour. The meat has a low percentage of fat to meat compared to its domestic counter part. Thus, by combining the two meats into a patty, you get this wonderfully moist pork patty packed full of flavour. Chef Justin and his team obviously took the time to think of each component if the burger. The foie gras butter and the black truffle aioli didn’t over power the burger – which a lot of chefs tend to do when you have those two ingredients.  The bun, patty and double smoked bacon were all cooked on their fiery grill which gave the burger this wonderful smokey component, reminiscent of your neighbours’ charcoal grilled burgers you get when you were a kid.   What impressed me was how they were able to balance all these rich ingredients simply with some pickled onions, local lettuce and tomatoes.  Everything came well together like an orchestral performance. Overall, this pork burger won my heart and it truly showcases Chef Justin’s French Canadian heritage, from the wild boar to foie gras to the truffles.  This burger was delicious and I would highly recommend trying this burger during burger week.  You will love it!

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