Halal Guys: New York, New York

[Happy New Year!  I know most bloggers would do a Best 10 list or a round up of what they’ve done, or a resolution. I’m not going to do that…. no…. last time I did that it didn’t work out (2013 resolutions) so this time I’m just going to do a simple goal of spending my weekends to do at least one post.  So here’s to me catching up on 2013…] 

Best $6 I’ve ever spent.

When I travel I hate spending shit loads of money on really expensive food when I know I could get a delicious meal at a fraction of the price.  Do you ever find that when travelling food is so much cheaper than at home?  Let’s be honest, Calgary is not a cheap city.   New York isn’t either, but can you find $6.00 meal in Calgary that fills you up and is open late into the night?  I doubt it,  because I’ve tried.    I’ve come close, but there’s nothing like the Halal Guys in New York.

Now The Halal Guys is a food cart institution in NYC in my opinion.   I’ve been going to the Halal Guys for awhile during my trips to New York and they are my go-to after I get off the plane (and it’s late) and I’m starving.  I want something that I can grab, take back to my hotel and that’s delicious and their Chicken Over Rice hits the spot.

The Halal Guys has a few locations in New York,  but the original is at 53rd Ave and 6 Street in Midtown.   When approaching the Halal Guys cart you’ll approach an on slew of imitators, all with similar product, a similar name, similar yellow awnings, it’s very tricky but you know how you can tell when you’re the right one?   When there are 5 guys in a yellow shirt and there’s a line.  Depending on the time of day,  the line can either be ridiculously long or short, but regardless they’re queuing up. 

This was probably at around 11:30pm at night there's a queue.

This was probably at around 11:30pm at night there was a queue upon arrival.

Look out for this sign.  This is the Halal Guys sign.

Yes, they ARE different!

I would highly suggest you get your cash ready because the line will go fast.  The Halal Guys has their ordering system down to a point of a second.   Once you give your order to one guy,  there’s another guy that gives you your food and another that gives you your change-  all of this happens in a matter of seconds.  I just remember getting my orange take-out bag in my face along with my change right after I ordered.

In your orange plastic bag of Chicken Over Rice,  you’ll find some hot sauce and white sauce.  In all honesty,  I have no idea what’s in the white sauce but it something you don’t question.  You pour it over your Chicken Over Rice, and you enjoy it.  If anything it adds a bit of garlicky and cooling component to your dish.  Also,  go easy on the hot sauce because it is spiiiicy.  But hey, it’s $6 so be happy you got sauce with it.

Evolution of the chicken rice.

Evolution of the Chicken Over Rice:  Add the white sauce and hot sauce given

Chicken Over Rice

Mix, mix, mix!

Yellow Rice


The Chicken Over Rice has this bright orange rice, seasoned chicken meat, shredded iceberg lettuce and strips of pita bread.   It’s hot, it’s filling, and tasty.   I personally couldn’t finish it and for $6 this is definitely worth every penny.  Tastiest $6 ever.

Halal Guys - 53rd and 6th on Urbanspoon


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