Alberta King of Subs: Calgary, Alberta

As of late, Ben and I have been working late nights.  I find that when shit happens, it happens all at once and you have to deal with it as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Thus doing so, sometimes requires us to work late into the evenings and sometimes on the weekends.

Then came the night where we brain dead, tired and hungry.  We didn’t want to go out for something that required us to be fancy, just something cheap but not fast food, nor did we want to go home and cook/clean/eat/clean.

Then like a lightening strike, Alberta King of Subs came to mind…. and since we weren’t far it seemed like the perfect place to go.

Alberta King of Subs

It was a cold night and I remember reading on the internet that this place is very much well known for their Poutine.  Apparently it’s one of the best in Calgary.

Since Ben and I were also tired, we didn’t want to get too much food and then go into a food coma in the restaurant from exhaustion.  So instead we decided to share a large Smoked Meat Sandwich.  

Large Smoked Meat Sandwich $11.75 and a Small Poutine $6.50

Large Smoked Meat Sandwich (which we shared) $11.75 and a Small Regular Poutine $6.50

First off the portions are huge!  Look at the size of my Small Regular Poutine!

My half off the Smoked Meat Sandwich for $11.75.

My half off the Smoked Meat Sandwich for $11.75.  Rye bread, Montreal style Smoked Meat, Mustard and a Pickle.

The Smoked Meat Sandwich consisted of your standard Rye bread with a spread of mustard and Montreal style smoked meat and then accompanied with a pickle.  Given that I had Schwartz’s Smoked Meat sandwich in Montreal, I was critical of this sandwich.  Especially the meat because I find the meat at Alberta King of Subs to be a little more chewy and texturally similar to ham where it’s more of that thick, salty, kinda gelatinous.  Whereas at Scwartz’s it was tender, flavourful, and literally the meat was melt in your mouth good.

Small Regular Poutine $6.50

Small Regular Poutine $6.50

The Poutine on the other hand was very very tasty.  First off, the portions were huge and they did not skimp on the cheese or the gravy.  Their fries were tasty and you can tell they were freshly cut because they did a great potato flavour where it had that earthy and sightly sweet taste to them.  I also noticed as I was going through this mountain of poutine, was that there was always cheese around and that’s because at Alberta King of Subs, they layer the cheese within the fries.  So as you’re digging through and eating your poutine, you’re getting cheese through every layer!  Love this since I hate having places skimp on the cheese by adding a few cheese curds on top and all you really end up eating is fries and gravy.

Overall, we’ll definitely be back to Alberta King of Subs for their Poutine.  I probably would skip the Smoked Meat Sandwiches, but I’ll probably try one of their subs and see if those might be better…

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