Tutti Frutti (Grand Opening): Calgary, Alberta


Tutti Frutti 17th Ave

Tutti Frutti 17th Ave

Last week I was graciously invited to a sneak-peek of a new froyo (Frozen Yogurt) eatery on 17th Ave SW known as Tutti Frutti!  It was a cold Monday, but nothing stops me from getting some froyo!

Inside, we were introduced to this bright modern hang out with a self-serve frozen yogurt stations.

Photo taken from the back of the Tutti Frutti.

The instructions on how it all works.

Unlike most frozen yogurt places where they’re made to order at Tutti Frutti they have dispensers froyo ready with cool flavours to choose from.

Loving the bright colour spoons they have here.

Loving the bright colour spoons they have here.

5 Froyo Stations with 2 flavours in each,  but remember you can do a "twist" if you like the two in a station.

5 Froyo Stations with 2 flavours in each, but remember you can do a “twist” if you like the two flavours in a station.

The dispenser..... oh what glorious machine this is...

The Froyo dispenser….. oh what glorious machine this is…

If you haven’t figured from Tutti Frutti’s poster above (scroll up). This is how it works:

1: Grab a container

2: Go to the dispenser with the flavour (s) of choosing.   You can get more than one flavour too!

3:  Add toppings.

4:  Pay by weight at the cashier.

I believe the going rate is 55 cents / per oz.

My not so pretty, but really tasty Froyo!  It's a twist of the Soy Bean - Black Sesame and Soy Bean-  Peanut Butter.

My kinda messy Froyo container with really tasty Froyo! It’s a twist of the Soy Black Sesame and Soy Bean Peanut Butter.  This is the Froyo shot you get when you get too excited about eating Froyo.

One of the happiest Tutti Frutti employees!

One of the happiest Tutti Frutti employees!  Lucky guy gets to work at a frozen yogurt place…..

 They have a huge assortment of toppings, and you just grab it yourself!  I’m sure the this guy above has some awesome topping combinations….
They have really unique flavours.

They have really unique flavours.

The toppings range from berries and nuts to gummy bears and skittles and they also have some unique toppings like their bobas and mochi.   They even have a chocolate syrup and caramel dispenser too if you really want to sweeten up your Froyo.

Loving the ....

Loving the Boba selection!

Highly suggest trying the Bobas,  they’re similar to size of the tapioca pearls you find in bubble tea but instead are filled  with juices that pop in your mouth when you eat them-  seriously, super fun to eat!  They have a few flavours to choose from and I highly suggest you get some.  They also have Mochi pieces which are basically rice balls but more smooth and chewy.  These worked really well with some of the more Asian flavours like Black Sesame froyo.

My favourite flavour!

My favourite flavour of the night Soy Black Sesame!  This is a must try!


Soy Bean Peanut Butter!  Another favourite!

Sorry for the blurry pictures above,  but I wanted to make note that this place has Soy Bean based froyo for those who are lactose intolerant or are vegans-  this would be a great alternative to your typical frozen yogurt.  I also want to mention that I was really surprised by the creaminess in texture of the two Soy Bean based flavours.  You wouldn’t know that they weren’t made out of milk or cream.  Another really good flavour is the sugar-free Chocolate.  It wasn’t overly sweet but still had the rich chocolate flavour to it.

The downstairs hang out.

The downstairs hang out.  Wish they had places like these when I was in high school,  totally would eat Froyo and hang out here.

Along with the upstairs seating area,  they even had a downstairs seating area too which would be a great spot for little parties and get togethers (best to check first though if large groups can rent out the basement for such things like ex. kids birthday parties).

Largest self serve Froyo folks.

Largest self serve Froyo folks.

Overall, I really enjoy this self serve concept for a frozen yogurt place.  It’s nice to know that you can control the quantity of frozen yogurt you want and be able to have fun toppings to try.  I also really like the fact that there is a soy option for those who cannot handle dairy.  I also like the idea that 17th Avenue has a fun “dessert” or “sweet” place where people can dine-in or take out, as I mentioned before Calgary really lacks places like that and 17th Avenue with all the foot traffic it gets should have a nice little froyo place to chill out in.  Just be aware that like most shops and restaurants on 17th Avenue, parking is hard to come by and Tutti Frutti does have street parking in front of the building, but spots might be hard get.

Tutti Frutti Calgary – 17th Avenue

 858 16 ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0S9   Tel:  403-460-8846

Hours of Operation:  

Sunday – Thursday:  12 pm – 9 pm

Friday – Saturday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Twitter: @TFFroyoYYC

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