Happy New Year! (2013)

Happy New Year folks!

First off, I want to thank everyone who follows and reads this blog; 2012 has been awesome for me.  Being able to meeting fellow foodies, bloggers, eating ,travelling, eating some more.   It’s pretty cool to have people reading all that nonsense and follow me on twitter.  So I want to say a big Thank You for following along.

Secondly, the next thing that I would like to talk about are New Year Resolutions.  I know, I know…. seriously, how many people follow through with their resolutions… I heard of something like 10% of people actually do.

Well my *goal* is to hopefully be one of folks in the 10% that actually does follow through. I will admit, my work has been taken up most of my time.  It’s a bit of a love & hate relationship I have.  It’s kinda like family….YES, my work is like family,  love it to death but it can sometimes be suffocating.

I’m hoping to do 3 main things for 2013 that will hopefully stick throughout the year and longer.

1)  Eating healthier.  2012 has been a great year for gluttony for me. Pork belly, wine, cookies and cakes….. Miss.Foodie I’m looking at you…, I have so much more pictures of food in my computer that I still have yet to post but just didn’t have the time (I ate a lot folks).   So for 2013 my goal is to at least eat leaner at home, and do more health conscious cooking at home.  Then pig out at when I go out so I don’t feel so bad afterwards.

2)  Being healthier.  Exercise folks, pure moving arms and legs…. I sit in my office and sit at home thinking that I’m my 20 year old self with super speed metabolism but in reality I’m no Benjamin Button soooo yeahh… gotta workout folks.  It’s all baby steps for me… I’m a douche bag when it comes to health.  I romance the thought of it, may have some fun running for an hour or so, and for some reason- never want do it again.  Usually it’s because I have some stupid excuse not too which probably has to do with the fact I get in a food coma after a huge meal and don’t want to move.   SO this year,  no more douche bag to health, no more cake (ok, that’s a pure lie,  just a little less cake), but I will move after I eat that cake.  I will sweat that bitch out.

3) Being more organize.  Alright so when I say organize, I mean being more efficient in my professional life so I have more time to do the simple pleasures in life, like writing in this blog.   Being more organize at home, work, will give me the opportunity and time to concentrate on my health and the things that I have fun in, like writing silly posts like this.

I’m hoping to add more recipes, in 2013.  I find recipe writing to be a very daunting task and really praise all the bloggers who do such a great job at writing up recipes.  But, I’ll do my best to be as accurate as I can be in recipe writing.  Baby steps… right?  I think I’ll start off with simple recipes.

Also, I’ve recently expanded/ found more recipe books that I haven’t had much use of so I would like to do recipe reviews too.  That would be fun right?  Critiquing the likes of Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay, David Thompson, Jean-George Vongerichten and at the same time show casing my kitchen skills.

All in all, I’m excited for 2013 and I hope you guys can enjoy this crazy year with me again.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year and I hope you guys are successful in whatever resolutions you do.

~Anna 🙂

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