World of Coca-Cola: Atlanta, Georgia

Given that this was Ben and I’s first trip to Atlanta, we figured we would see some attractions and the one that first pops into my head was the World of Coca-Cola.  I will admit in our household, Coca-Cola would be the preferred cola.  We were not Pepsi people, and even now, we’re still not Pepsi people.  It didn’t matter how cool Britney Spears or the Spice Girls commercials were,  I preferred my Coca-Cola and the polar bear that came with it.

First off, I would like to suggest to you to purchase your tickets online.  You can do this right on the World of Coca-Cola website because the line to get in can get long.

The building itself is really pretty and given that we stayed in downtown, we were able to trek it.

NOTE:   I will advise you that there will be panhandlers in the area because they target tourists.  Some are quite persistent.  They will talk to you like you are their long lost friend and then follow you on your trek and ask for money.  My suggestion if the guy is following you for too long is to go to a public area and tell him no– like at a bus stop where there’s a few people there seeing it all happen (no joke, this is what Ben and I did).  We waited until he was far gone to continue our trek back to the hotel.  Also, another trick if they start talking to you is to say – “No English“.  Then they’ll back off too (we said this to the 2nd panhandler that approached us and realized we should have said that the first time around).

When reserving a ticket to the World of Coca-Cola, you will need to also reserve a time.  That way you have time to listen to the introduction they have with a guide and allow you with enough time to watch their 4D movie (basically a 3-D movie with moving seats, water sprays and aerosols) and you can apparently even see how they bottle the Coca-Cola (unfortunately when Ben and I went this attraction was under construction was not available to the public. 😦 ).  But for us, what we really wanted to do was just try all different flavours of drinks that the Coca-Cola company makes around the world.

Verdict:  Asian drinks were fruity and sweet, definitely my favourite flavours were from there.  The African ones were my least favourite because they weren’t as sweet and I believe one had a menthol like flavour that was just way too strong for me.

So here is just a few pictures (apologies for a few blurry pictures, I used my iPhone). Enjoy!

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World of Coca-Cola: 121 Baker Street Northwest  Atlanta, GA 30313, United States
Tel:  404-676-5151


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