Christmas Pop-up Supper presented by MARKET: Calgary, Alberta

It’s the holidays folks!  What a month,  I don’t know about you but so far the holidays of 2012 are becoming the most memorable ones in my books.

There’s so much to do, so much to buy (for others) and so much to buy (for myself- even though I don’t; re: puppy).  Though I did get wind of a event that’s happening,  known as the Christmas Pop-up Supper. 

Chef Geoff Rogers (formally Chef at Home Tasting) is coming out with a new restaurant known as MARKET in the New Year.  Basically what he and his crew decided to do is create a preview of what to expect at MARKET by doing a spontaneous supper on Tuesday, December 18th @ the Calgary Farmers Market .  Dinner is $150.00 a person which includes a 5- course meal done by Executive Chef Geoff Rogers and Chef de Cuisine Dave Bohati.  This dinner will be intimate (and from what I’ve heard on Twitter feed, there’s only 30 seats and half are already reserved).  This is also considered a one time thing AND, a very big “AND”, proceeds to this dinner are going to the Calgary Food Bank (a fantastic charity that I highly suggest you check out!)

So my dear readers and fellow foodies, if you have a giving heart and money to burn, I would suggest you do it here.  I’m pretty damn sure you’ll get a good meal, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just be happy to know that your money is going to a very good cause.


For an intimate event with a price tag of $150.00 I’m pretty sure  reservations are needed.  But it’s easy, all you have to do is shoot them a e-mail to: or get their info on Facebook

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