Ray’s in the City: Atlanta, Georgia

Ray’s in the City is a restaurant that we went to when we were in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ben and I were here for nearly a week and this is the best meal we had there.  After a long days work, you just wanted to go somewhere that’s close to the hotel, comfortable and busy.  Busy for me is an indicator of a good restaurant and luckily we didn’t have to wait long.

Ray’s in the City is mainly a seafood and steak house but also had a sushi bar available. It’s a dim lighted restaurant with pretty comfortable seating.  The waiters there are very professional and super accommodative as a friend of ours is a lactose intolerant pescetarian.

Side Note: After nearly going to every dinner with this friend of ours,  I never realized how many things are made with dairy.  

Cesar Salad:  Hearts of Romaine, Traditional Dressing, Pecarino Cheese, Herb Croutons. $7.00

I always try to make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables when I’m on the road.  Ben on the other hand is very much a carnivore.  The only salad he would eat is a Cesar Salad.  I have to admit, the Cesar Salad was pretty good.  They make their own dressing in-house from what we’re told and it really did seem quite fresh.  The portion was huge.  Mega huge, I think Ben ended up needing help with his salad and didn’t want to finish the whole thing himself because he wanted to be sure he could finish his main course.

The Wedge:  Maytag Blue Cheese Dressing, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tomatoes and Scallions. $8.00

I on the other hand had opted to get a The Wedge salad.  I can honestly tell you that I think this might have been my first experience with a wedge salad that I really remembered.  Generally, they’re ok, but this time around the waiter told that the The Wedge is one of their popular salads and I wouldn’t be disappointed.  It had the right amount of blue cheese crumble without being too overpowering,  the lettuce wedge was fresh,  no browning one the edges.  The bacon added a great smoky aroma and the tomatoes helped with cutting the overall richness.  It was pretty damn good for a salad.

Chef Select Pasta: Fresh Papperdelle with Shrimp, Mussels, Scallops and Grilled Asparagus. $26.00

Ben’s main course was the Chef Select Pasta of the day which was basically a papperdelle pasta with an assortment of grilled seafood.  I had a bite of this and the pasta was cooked al dente.  The sauce wasn’t a specific marinara or cream sauce, instead it was like it was just tossed in olive oil with grate parmesan cheese on top.  It wasn’t too heavy and the pasta was amazing.  I love freshly made pasta because of it’s light texture and this dish absolutely showcased that.  The seafood in this dish were all cooked to perfection and had a wonderful succulent sweetness to it.

Horseradish Crusted Grouper with Seasonal Sauteed Vegetables. $32.00

I’m gonna admit, I’m pretty sure my friend ordered the Horseradish Crusted Grouper, but given her diet, she did change the mash potatoes just incase they were made with milk and butter.  I didn’t try this dish but she told me it tasted great and that it’s cooked well.  The heat from the horseradish was mellow too as she’s not one for spicy food.

Parmesan Crusted Scallops with Lobster Risotto, Basil, Balsamic Reduction. $32.00

When I looked at the menu, I noticed scallops and lobster in one course together.  Therefore, I had to get it.  The Parmesan Crusted Scallops with Lobster Risotto was very very good.   It was a lot of food and I think I was able to finish it all but I totally had to pace myself.  The scallops were sweet and tender, the parmesan crust was not too salty or overpowering the scallops.  They were just perfect and the scallops were huge by the way.  The Lobster Risotto was was rich and in a way a little buttery, it was seasoned just right and thankfully I had the balsamic reduction to cut through the richness of this dish.  But man was it good.

Sauteed Spinach. $8.00

Of course,  we ended up ordering a side of Sauteed Spinach to help clear my conscious that we are eating as much vegetables as we can.   These are great,  just sauteed with garlic really.  It was a nice side dish to nibble on and I think we all bit of this.  I also have to admit, the portions for the sides were huge as well.

Not pictured,  is our Brownie that we shared for dessert.  I want to mention that the waiter was very nice and empathic to my friend as we initially ordered a chocolate cake that actually turned out to be more of a mousse than an baked cake.  My friend had asked if they can take back the cake and switch it with a brownie instead because she didn’t realize it was a mousse as the diary content in there would really put her in doozy that night if she were to eat it.  With a little bit convincing because he was hesitant our waiter was kind enough to take it back the mousse and give us the Brownie (oh and he didn’t charge us for the mousse either).  So thank you Mr. Waiter for changing that dessert for my friend, because  I know her stomach really appreciated it. 🙂

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