It’s Been Awhile…. (Ozona Bar & Grill: Dallas, Texas)

My apologies folks for taking so long to write another post.  Ben and I have been travelling around the U.S. for work and coming home there was another pile of work and a lot of catch up to do at the office.   So today is the first day I actually had the time to catch up on this little blog of mine and catch you up.

First off, I want to mention that because we were on business in the U.S., we were with clients for most dinners or we got lazy and we were so tired from a long days work that we needed place that was close and convenient.  There wasn’t much detail noted about where ate, just pictures and me remembering if it was good or not.  I guess if I remember it, it must have left somewhat of a good impression on me.

Therefore,  I’m gonna keep the next couple of posts short and sweet.  But first I want to tell you about the stand out place we went to in Dallas, Texas.

Ozona Bar and Grill 

Our first stop was Dallas, Texas.  I actually asked my shuttle driver, “What is one thing that is truly Texan that I must eat?“.  He responded with, “Chicken Fried Steak, ma’am is what you need to eat in Texas, especially Dallas.”

Fact:  No, there is no chicken in Chicken Fried Steak.  Yes, my friends it’s called Chicken Fried Steak because … well I don’t know because wikipedia didn’t even explain why.  I’m thinking there was no chicken around and one crazy Texan decided that it was easier to slaughter a cow for meat than hunt down a chicken.  Or maybe back in the day a crazy German/Austrian who decided to move to Texas just got confused didn’t know what to call Weiner Schnizel in Texan and decided to call it Chicken Fried Steak instead.

Chicken Fried Steak for $11.95: Fries, Texas Toast, Deep fried battered veal with Cream Gravy.

D Magazine listed this place as their #1 place for Chicken Fried Steak, so that’s good enough of a reason to go.

A pounded beef steak breaded and deep fried with a savoury peppered cream gravy, fries and texas toast on the side. The breaded beef steak was cooked well and the breading was crispy,  it wasn’t overly seasoned at all but I that’s where the cream gravy comes in.  The cream gravy was thick and rich.  It was seasoned nicely and was not overly salty, but man this plate was huge!  That’s what I remember the most of that this plate was the size, it was twice the size of my head.  Overall, was it good?  It was filling,  it wasn’t bad.  It was a lot.  I mean I guess if you’re hungry- anything deep fried and savoury with a side of crispy carbs will do the trick.  The service was great,  parking was a little tricky since they have a small parking lot and valet parking, but there is also street parking available if you really want to avoid the valet.

Also, their outdoor space is probably one of the nicest outdoor spaces I have ever seen.  Very casual in a good way,  it’s like if you wanted a outdoor pub feel with a dash of a college boy’s take on a garden party.  This is the place for you.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile…. (Ozona Bar & Grill: Dallas, Texas)

  1. Yes, I find it great in the beginning when you’re travelling for work because you’re going somewhere that’s not your office, but then afterwards you realize your work just follows you around when your travelling and that sucks.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Ozona, I think it’s a good place to eat. The reason that Chicken Fried Steak is called that, is that the steak is breaded and pan fried or deep fried in hot oil like fried chicken. So fried chicken is breaded and deep fried in hot oil chicken on the bone, chicken fried steak is beef pounded flat, breaded and deep fried in hot oil, and chicken fried chicken is a boneless chicken breast pounded flat, breaded, and deep fried in hot oil.

    I enjoy your blog.

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