Dinesty Chinese Restaurant 聚: Richmond, BC

There’s so much Cantonese cuisine in Richmond, in most of Canada really.  So we were wanting to try something a little different.  After scouring the internet to see what was popular, we came across Dinesty Chinese Restaurant. 

It has pretty good ratings on Urbanspoon so we were excited to try it out.   Upon arrival we got seated pretty quick and first impression, this place looks quite modern.   I also like how they have windows so you can see into the kitchen.  

Steamed Pork Dumplings $6.50

After scouring the internet to see what people are eating here, I found that their Steamed Pork Dumplings for $6.50  are highly suggested and it’s a classic so we couldn’t go wrong with this choice.  Thankfully it tasted pretty good.  It was really hot, like really fresh out of the steamer so you have to be gentle when eating it.   (I generally dip it in the black vinegar sauce first,  then place it in my spoon and take a small, and I emphasize small, bit with my two front teeth so it’s like a little hole in the skin.  This way the soup in the dumpling comes spilling out onto your spoon and you slurp it up gently.)  It’s better than taking a huge ass bite and burning your mouth off and not be eating the rest of your meal.

Pan Fried Pork Dumplings $3.95

The inside view of the Pan Fried Pork Dumpling .

The next plate to land on our table was the Pan Fried Pork Dumpling for $3.95.  But to me a dumpling is something that is small, stuffed with meat, and has a thin doughy wrapper.  This is more like a pan fried mantou (Chinese steam bun) stuffed with pork.   What surprised me was (and unfortunately I couldn’t catch on camera) was that there was hot soup in this too!  It was really hot!  Unfortunately, Ben was the one who bit in his first so he got burnt and cautioned me about it afterwards, so I was extra cautious while biting into mine but my tongue still got a little burnt.   It was ok, I felt the meat was a little under seasoned but I love the crispiness of the bun and how it just had that little hint of sweetness.

Wontons with Sour Chilli Sauce $4.95

This is one of my favourite ways of eating –  if not the favourite way of eating wontons.  Wontons with Sour Chilli Sauce for $4.95 was reminiscence of what I used to order at Han’s Resturant back in the day.  I was surprised that these wontons were bigger than what I’m used too at other restaurants.  It’s not as spicy as you would think either, the sauce itself was quite mild.  I believe the combination of soy sauce, black vinegar, and chilli oil was very much balanced, so you won’t get anything too overwhelming in taste.  It was nice.

X.O Radish Cake $6.50

This dish is my favourite dish of the whole meal (yes for 2 people we eat a lot).  This is X.O Radish Cake for $6.50, you know the Cantonese radish cakes you get a dim sum that are white and rectangular and have bits of Chinese sausage in them.  Well, picture that minus the meat, sliced in smaller pieces and fried in X.O Sauce (so a nice mild spicy savoury sauce) with young yellow chives and bean sprouts.  This was great.  We finished this dish easily.  The texture was soft in the inside with a slight crispiness on the outside.   A must if you’re gonna eat here.

Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup with Mini Rice Ball $6.95

For dessert (for those who know me personally, know I like me some sweets), but this was off.  Ben suggested we ordered this because it’s actually a popular Shanghainese dessert.  I mean, look at the name,  Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup with Mini Rice Ball for $6.95.  The fermented glutinous rice was really strong, it was sour, it tasted like rice wine (evidently, fermented rice), but it was just overwhelming for me. Honestly, it took me some time getting used to it.  The rice balls were ok, they tasted doughy as they should.  There was some egg in there along with what I think is some sort of flower, maybe chrysanthemum pedals.  Overall, this is a required taste and is not for everyone.

Anna’s Notes

  • Tonnes of strip mall parking
  • Credit, Debit, Cash and all
  • Vegetarian Friendly  (at least in the desserts)
  • Lots of snack/ dim sum options here and the desserts don’t look too bad either.
  • Must get the XO Radish Cake
  • Service is efficient, but they do close at 3:00 PM on the dot and re-open later in the 5:30 pm.  Even if you roll in at 2:55 pm they’ll reject you.  We saw a lady come in at 2:50 PM  from West Vancouver and they refused her.
  • Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday:  11am  – 3pm ; 5:30pm  – 10:00pm,   Saturday & Sunday 11am – 3pm; 4:30pm -10pm
  • Reservations are available

Dinesty Chinese Restaurant 聚 on Urbanspoon


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