Lido Restaurant 麗都餐廳: Richmond, BC

Wow, I just realized how many months have gone by and I haven’t finished posting our trip to Richmond, BC!

Alright, so I have officially declared my favourite breakfast hub in Richmond, BC.  It’s known as Lido Restaurant.Lido Restaurant can be found in Central Square and fortunately for us it was on the other side Aberdeen Mall from our hotel so the walk was only 5 minutes away.  I will admit,  I’ve read other blogs on Lido Restaurant and they say parking here can be a major pain, so if you do decide to park here, be prepared to search around for street parking.  The parking lot here is really small.

Miss.Foodie was the one that recommended this place to us and highly suggested we try their Pineapple Bun and Egg Tarts–  and oh yes,  they were the best we’ve ever had….  *drool…

But of course, we ended up waiting in line for a table as with all good restaurants in Richmond.

Like most popular places in Richmond, be aware of the wait. We got here at 9:00 am and we ended up waiting at around 30 minutes for our table.

At least they had stuff on walls you can look at…. yup, it kept me fully entertained for a good 15 minutes because I kept bugging Ben to translate everything. 🙂

After a 30 minute wait, we were finally able to get in!

No one spoke at this table because they were all eating. A good sign for a restaurant.

We were able to get seated at a booth and we I really like how the menu was on the wall of our booth.

Menu on the wall- definitely a nice way to entice you to order more.

Thankfully, they have an English menu.

The House Specials- Pineapple Bun, Egg Tarts, and Milk Tea here we come!

We mainly ordered from the House Special section of the menu and as you can tell, their prices overall are cheap but you have to admit a $1.55 per Egg Tart is considered a bit high.

The Egg Tarts – $1.55/ each, best egg tarts ever.

DAMN!  These were really good.  They were fresh out of the oven and were perfectly warm.  It had the most flakiest and buttery crust you will ever had for an egg tart.  The egg custard itself had the right amount of density without being it too hard or too soft.  It had the right amount of sweetness and if we didn’t order anything else, I probably would order two more egg tarts for myself.  Absolutely best egg tarts I’ve ever had in my life.

O.M.G…. Ok, the egg tarts were gooood, but this was the best Pineapple Bun I have ever had! For a $1.55 / each, these were totally worth it.

Alright so the Egg Tarts were pretty damn good, but the Pineapple Bun was equally amazing!  It was warm when served; freshly out of the oven just like the egg tarts.  It was soft and fluffy with a melt in your mouth goodness. The top was crunchy and again, like the egg tarts had the right amount of sweetness to it.  You can order this just like this,  bun only, but you can get it with a slice of butter.  Cost extra, and the amount of butter you get is probably about 0.75 – 1 inches thick, so it’s a lot of butter.

Scallion Rice Crepe- the only one they had left, but just as good. $4.99

After each having an Egg Tart and  Pineapple Bun, Ben was interested in their Rice Rolls.  There is a list of options, but Ben wanted to get their Pork Liver Sausage Rice Roll, but they were out of them.  Actually, they were out of all their Rice Rolls except for their Scallion Rice Rolls, so we figured “meh”, let’s try it out anyways.  Surprisingly,  it was quite good.  The aroma of the scallions really stood out and was pungent in a good way.  It did taste like scallions and they did not skimp on it either. The soy sauce there was great, it gave it a sweet and savoury flavour.

Drink of choice? Hot Milk Tea of course, $2.70 per serving.

We end up ordering the drink that everyone else orders here,  Hot Milk Tea for $2.70 per serving.  The Hot Drinks here go for a standard $2.70 per, and after looking around we notice everyone drank this.  It tasted alright, I find Hot Milk Tea is pretty standard everywhere.  They always use a strong black tea and evaporated milk, just like every other restaurant.   It was hot, strong and definitely complimented our sweet tarts and buns well.

Anna’s Notes

  • Opening Hours:  7:15 am – 10:00 pm, except Tuesday 7:15 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Cash and Debit available
  • Small parking lot,  be aware of limited parking during peak hours.
  • Located in a Central Square beside Aberdeen Mall.  Also, they’re neighbours with Excellent Tofu & Desserts

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