Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司: Jordan District, Hong Kong

When Ben and I arrived to Hong Kong late Saturday night, we were initially wanting to go to our regular congee place in Sheung Wan but they were closed on Sundays  :(.  So our next choice was to go to Jordan (which happens to be where our hotel was) and head over to the very popular and famous Australia Dairy Company. Australia Dairy Company is a typical Hong Kong cafe or 茶餐廳 where they serve milk tea, coffee, sandwiches, macaroni pasta in soup, and noodles on the cheap.  The restaurant that would classify as a Hong Kong style cafe in Calgary would be Calgary Court in Chinatown, which I go to all the time and is current mayor of it on Foursquare.  😉 They’re famous for two things here from my research and that’s their egg sandwiches and steamed milk custards. But what I’m really impressed is their high rate of turnovers.  Let me explain….

The view of the line-up.  The yellow sign on the right that’s above the silver coloured van is the Australia Dairy Company.

As you can see when Ben and I arrived to get some breakfast we were shocked at the line up.  Honestly,  this looked worst than the line-ups you see at breakfast diners on Edmonton Trail.  But since we travelled across Hong Kong with failed attempt to get some fish congee,  we figured we stick it out and line up like everyone else.

The line in front of me…

The line-up behind me…

Yeah,  at first things looked quite daunting.  I mean,  if things went as slow as what were used to at home with long line-ups I can’t imagine how things would be in Hong Kong with the amount of people in front of me.  BUT amazingly we were only in-line for no more than 20 minutes.  For me,  20 minutes isn’t so bad considering how many people there were waiting. By the time we reached the front of the line,  we were given a table that we had to share.  You see, in Hong Kong there isn’t a lot of space so when a restaurant gets busy, they’ll seat you with strangers if there’s empty spots at their table.  Generally, Ben and I are a little introverted so we prefer our own table, but when you’re in another country and hungry –  “when in Rome, do what the Romans do”;  so we just shared.

The combo/ set meal menu on the wall.

The menu on the wall- how convenient.

I got the breakfast combo for $26HKD (first option on the combo menu) which consisted of Macaroni and Ham Soup,  Toast with Scrambled Eggs, and a Hot Milk Tea.

Part of the $26HKD breakfast combo: Macaroni and Ham in a Chicken Stock Soup

This was the first thing that came to our table and it came right after we both ordered our meals.  It literally just fell in front of me right after the server finished taking our order.  This dish tasted alright, I mean it’s macaroni with slices of ham in chicken soup.  It was hot and had the right amount of seasonings-  it was ok.  I probably wouldn’t order it again because it is quite boring of a dish.  I had to quickly scarf down this dish because there wasn’t enough room on our table for the addition of drinks.

Popular breakfast beverage in any Hong Kong style cafe – Milk Tea.

Our drinks of course that took up so much space was the two mugs of Hot Milk Tea.  We both got ours at the same time.   Ben ordered his separately and surprisingly it was $15HKD for a mug.  The milk tea tasted nice and hot,  you can really taste the steeped black tea which totally woke us up.  The funny thing with most Milk Teas in Hong Kong is that they use evaporated milk instead of fresh which gives it almost a creamier taste.

Part of the $26HKD breakfast combo: A piece of buttered toast with scrambled eggs.

Ah,  this is the main course of my combo, a very simple scrambled eggs with butter toast.  I have to admit I didn’t think that something so simple would taste quite good.  The eggs I’m sure were scrambled in butter which gave it that rich …buttery flavour (can’t describe it any other way…).  The eggs were nice and fluffy and were not under done or overly done,  it was just perfect.  The toast itself was great too,  buttered and slightly crisp on the outside with a nice soft inside.  Also,  I love how they cut the crusts off.  HAHA,  I always felt that it was juvenile to cut the crusts off, but in this case,  I love feeling like I was 6 again with eating crustless toast.

Their famous egg sandwich with crustless white bread and scrambled eggs for $15HKD.

Ben ordered the famous Egg Sandwich for $15HKD.  With all the hype online about the Egg Sandwich, Ben was expecting a little more.  He said the egg tasted good (because it had that buttery taste) he thought it was just alright.  It’s a plain egg sandwich which didn’t have much in it.

The famous Steamed Milk Custard for $20HKD.

This was my favourite part of the meal.  Ben and I shared one of these Steamed Milk Custards for $20HKD.  When waiting in queue outside,  you’ll see the milk custards stacked high in the window by the time you reach the door.  It’s sweet, delicate, and creamy.  It’s texturally like tofu, only softer and less dense than tofu.  It had just the right amount of sweetness to it and was warm when we got it.  A definitely must when you come here.

I honestly felt that our whole meal took no more than 15 minutes to complete.  This place is packed and because we shared a table with another couple, we had very little space to put our bowls and plates down as our meals came so we felt as if we had to scarf it down in order to make room.  It’s a very fast pace atmosphere and the waiters here are ridiculously effective.  Every time we finished a plate, it would be immediately taken off the table.

Overall, this is place is definitely an experience.  Fast pace Hong Kong culture can be found here.  It’s definitely not a place to sit and have coffee with the girls, it’s definitely a place to get an affordable hot meal fast.


Australia Dairy Company  澳洲牛奶公司

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong  佐敦白加士街47-49號地下 
Tel:  2730 1356


7 thoughts on “Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司: Jordan District, Hong Kong

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    • We should sell crustless bread here, though I think T&T has bread where the crusts are all “bottom crust” and it looks like a square. Either or, I’m dedicating this week to crustless bread and will be removing all the crusts from my sandwiches lol.

  2. The atmosphere is really good in the cafe even though there is so little room to move. See all of Hong Kong life in here. But don’t hang around all the plates will be cleared away and you will have paid and be outside before you know it. Great fun

    • I totally agree David, ADC is one efficient restaurant. I was so amazed on how fast the line went and even much more amazed how fast our dining was. The food, service, clean up, even paying the bill took less time than we stood in line, and we stood line for like 20 minutes tops. Insane. But it’s definitely a place where everyone should experience once.

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