My Layover – Hong Kong (Part 2), Dining Tips

Of course when you go to Hong Kong, the one obvious thing you notice here in this town is that people love their food.  It’s definitely a culinary city, and you don’t just find Cantonese cuisine here.  There’s an array of ethnic cuisines in Hong Kong so you definitely have a wide option of choices to choose from, whether it’s French, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, East Indian, Nepalese, Italian, Mexican… you’ll find it there.

Dining at the Australian Dairy Company


A great way of locating restaurants and seeing what the locals have to say, check out  They also have their own iPhone app as well that you can download too.   The link I provided is in English- which is great for those who can’t read Chinese and there’s many English users that post their reviews and pictures too.  You can also check out Chowhound Chinese and Southeast Asia Forum Board, but you would have to kinda scan for the threads on Hong Kong.   Another option if you really want to try high-ranked restaurants, is to pick up a copy of the 2012 Michelin Guide- and they do have an English version 🙂 .  PageOne is one of Ben’s favourite book store in Hong Kong where you can find a copy of this guide.  For those who can read traditional Chinese, is another restaurant review site and it also has a page that lists all the 2012 Michelin Star restaurants in Hong Kong.  

What to Bring

Another thing I noticed this time around was that it’s really really important to bring a pack of tissues with you.  I noticed that the establishments that we went too (cheap and expensive) didn’t have extra tissues around to use while you eat.  Weird right?  I mean, you’d think people would need to wipe their mouths, hands, protect their pants with tissues, but no.  Sometimes we were given a very thin crisp sheet of wax paper like tissue the size of my iPhone to use. :S  Since it might be hard to flag down a waiter or server in a busy Hong Kong restaurant it’s best to just bring your own tissues with you.  So, first things first, when you see a 7/11 or any convenience store make sure you guy buy a pack of tissues to put in your pocket or purse because you’re gonna need it.

I cannot stress enough the importance of bring cash, with you.  Not everyone will have debit or credit machines for you to use your visa cards and what not.  Make sure you have enough cash on you,  evidently the higher end restaurants would provide you with a pos machine to take credit, but if you’re like me and prefer smaller, mom & pop restaurants-  bring cash.


Alright, Chinese restaurants have a bad rap for service.  No doubt, the servers will not have patiences but they’ll make sure you have your dishes in front of you fast.  What I would suggest is to do a little research before you go and eat.  Obviously, you can always ask what’s popular and they’ll tell you, but don’t expect 5 star service at 1 star prices.   As well,  if a place is busy and it’s just a small group of you like 2 or 3, expect to share tables with another party (which I’ve done many times over the years when I have a layover in Hong Kong, it may feel weird to you, but to everyone else, it’s pretty normal).

With these little tips,  feel free to indulge yourself in this wonderful city!  All hours of the day, there’s always a place open so you will never go hungry.  🙂

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