Monday’s Fried Chicken Special @ Model Milk: Calgary, Alberta

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Ok, that’s the only saying I know that references a chicken dinner.  But a few weeks ago I did have a chicken dinner with fellow friend and blogger Miss. Foodie and her fellow food lovin friend L, and no…. I didn’t win anything that day to justify the chicken dinner.

You see,  Miss.Foodie loves Fried Chicken so she messaged me a picture she saw on Twitter of a Fried Chicken plate from Model Milk, right here in Calgary.  She found out that they had a Monday’s Fried Chicken Special, so naturally, we decide to go on the coming Monday to try it out because it did look pretty good.

Executive Chef and co-owner of this restaurant is Justin Leboe,  sound familiar?  It’s because Justin used to be the Executive Chef at Rush, a fine dining establishment in Calgary.  Model Milk definitely takes a more relax approach to dining.  It’s definitely a place where you and your buddies can hang out, enjoy good beer, and have a wholesome delicious meal.

Model Milk is located on 17 Avenue S.W. and 3rd Street,  it’s in a really great historical space known as the “Model Milk” building which was built in 1932 by James C. Colpitts, a dairy farmer from Springbank who wanted to sell his milk directly to customers during the great depression.  There was even a milk bar in there that sold milk shakes and ice cream up until 1965 when a rival milk company bought them out.  The space itself is pretty nice.  You see the original brick walls, high ceilings,  warm wood pillars,  it’s all really casual yet has this modern/rustic feel at the same time.   I have to admit the space and atmosphere was really enjoyable to be in and felt a little more intimate, kinda like you’re at a dinner party at a friends place.

A pint of Village Blonde from the local “The Village Brewery” – $5.00

Of course by the time we all met,  I think each of us got a pint of the Village Blonde for $5.00 which was one of their specials for the day.  It comes from a local brewery known as The Village Brewery, the beer itself was very smooth and refreshing and accompanied the upcoming meal very nicely.

Friscassee of Calamari: guanciale, edamame, pimenton and house-made croutons. – $14.00

For starters we had the Fricassee of Calamari which was $14.00.  The calamari was very tender.  There is only one other place where I’ve had calamari this tender and that was at La Brezza in Bridgeland.  The dish also comprised of guanciale (unsmoked Italian Jowl Bacon),  edamame, pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika), and their own house-made croutons.  The smokiness from the pimenton really stood out in this dish for me, and the guanciale just rounded out the savouriness of this dish well.  I also really liked the edamame in this too, I found it refreshing to have since there’s a lot of stand out textures and flavours in this dish.  This was definitely a great starter.
Then came the our Monday’s Special.

Model Milk’s Monday Fried Chicken Special: Skillet fried 2-pieces of chicken, creamy grits, kale slaw, and corn bread.- $16.00

Our Monday’s Fried Chicken Special came with 2-pieces of skillet fried chicken, creamy grits, kale slaw, and corn bread.  The skillet fried chicken was good,  the meat was juicy, hot, and I’m guessing it was brined before it was fried because it had the right amount of salt and it was tender.  The batter was the thick and crispy and honestly, I think it might have been a little too much crispy batter for me.  The batter was also seasoned so I think the overall chicken tasted a little over seasoned for me, but everyone else on the table finished all their chicken so it’s just a “me” thing. The grits were tasted great.  I don’t ever really have grits, this is probably like the 3rd time I’ve ever had them, but these ones were really good.  It wasn’t completely smooth, it still had a bit of chunkier pieces to them that I really liked.  This was also seasoned nicely too and honestly, could probably stand on its own.   The corn bread was delicious.  I really liked how soft and yet crumbly the corn bread was.   The slaw on the other hand was something I’ve never had before.  It comprised of kale, peanuts, snow peas, and shredded carrots.   First off, I never really grew up eating kale in the first place so having it in a slaw was a unique experience.  What threw me off was the dressing on it, it was a little too creamy and wasn’t acidic enough for me.  Basically, I think with the heaviness of this dish, if the slaw was dressed in a more acidic dressing, like a vinaigrette,  it totally would have worked for me. Instead, it had a more creamy dressing on it which was too much for me flavour wise.   I personally like to have something that is light and fresh that I can recover from when I’m eating a savoury meal, but unfortunately there was one on this plate.

Model Milk: PB&J Chocolate Cake – $8.50

Lastly for dessert,  all three of us decided to share a PB & J Chocolate Cake for $8.50.  It came with a milk sorbet which was nice and refreshing; it definitely did help as a this cake was a little on the dry side.  It had layers of peanut butter and jam, and I even found the peanut butter more sweet rather than salty.   The slice itself was quite huge and definitely required a few mouths to finish it.  Overall, this cake was ok,  it’s good dessert to be shared but I will admit it was a bit dry and a bit sweet for my liking.  The milk sorbet on the other hand tasted great.

All in all,  I would definitely come back to Model Milk to try out some of the other items on the menu.  The space and the atmosphere is really fantastic.

Anna’s Notes

–   Free street parking after 6:00pm during the week, and they have street parking right in front of them and across the street.

–  Casual atmosphere,  great place to bring friends afterwork and feel relaxed.

–  Monday’s Fried Chicken Special is only $16.00 and it will be the most filling fried chicken dish you ever ate for $16.00.

–  Table behind us changed the kale slaw to salad instead…. just for those who may want something a little lighter.

–   Cash, Debit, Credit,  they take it all.

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s Fried Chicken Special @ Model Milk: Calgary, Alberta

  1. Ohhh man, I’m still thinking about that calamari! I’d go back there just to have that. I didn’t think that I would enjoy the combination of flavours, but they were really great together.

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