WURST: Calgary, Alberta (Brunch)

I love brunch, I love brunch so much that I can skip breakfast and lunch totally and just have brunch for the rest of my life. It would probably save me a lot of money in the long run too right?  Well, let me tell you readers, I’m not the only one in Calgary that loves brunch.  I’m pretty damn sure all Calgarians here love brunch so much so that when it’s -28’C dead cold in the winter, people will still line-up to wait for a table at one of our fine breakfast/brunch establishments.

One place that I really like for brunch in Calgary is WURST.  My first visit was with friend and fellow blogger Miss.Foodie who heard news of a really great breakfast item-  the French Toast.  So we were interested in trying out and thankfully we were able to make reservations via Open Table (if you don’t have this app, download it onto your iPhone or smartphone-  it will save you so much time calling around for reservations).

Both Miss.Foodie and I each ordered the French Toast for $16.00 and later on shared the Fourth Street Cob for $19.00.  

WURST: French Toast-  The #1st Visit,  sorry for the picture I just couldn’t get my angles right on here…

My very first impression of the French Toast was really great.  It had double smoked bacon, shredded Sylvan Star gouda, apple slaw, whipped creme fraiche, and blueberry sauce …. come’on, a combination like that….how you can not be curious on wanting to try this.  I just love the sweet and savoury combination of the bacon and the blueberries.  The whipped creme fraiche wasn’t overly sweet so it gave it that bit of richness to the dish.  The apple slaw was crunchy and had that wonderful sour apple taste and helped it round out this dish.

WURST:  Fourth Street Cobb Salad

The next dish that we shared was the Fourth Street Cobb.  It’s a decadent salad for brunch I admit, but heck, why not?   The salad came with poached lobster, butter lettuce, watercress, avocado, Chèvre Noir, hot house cucumber, tarragon creme fraiche dressing and smoked bison.  The lobster and smoked bison was good, and you can taste the presence of the Chèvre Noir but to be honest,  I did find this salad to be a little under seasoned and a little too rich.  Maybe because I’m used to eating salads that are a little more acidic,  this was a bit to heavy for me.

The service we had was great and I really did enjoy the atmosphere and that French Toast was pretty awesome, so much so that I dragged Ben to go with me again a few weeks later when I had a craving for it……..

Ok this post is a 2 in 1, 2 visits in 1 post…….. 

On my second visit and Ben’s first,  of course I suggested him to order the French Toast.

WURST:  Bacon Stuffed French Toast Visit# 2 {Beauty Shot #1}

WURST:  Bacon Stuff French Toast- Visit #2 (Beauty Shot#2)

The French Toast on the second time around was just as good as the first time.  It tasted great and everything was well executed and the flavours worked well and it lacked nothing.  Absolutely delicious.  Ben even liked it too, which is a lot to say because he’s not a fruit guy in the mornings unless it’s in a muffin.

Since I’ve already had the French Toast already (and anticipated eating half of Ben’s), I figured I’d order something different and instead ordered a Croque Madame for $16.00.  

WURST: Croque Madame Visit #2

The Croque Madame to my surprise was really good.  I wasn’t expecting it to be bad,  I just didn’t think anything would be as good as the French Toast to be honest.  But I would say that this is a nice savoury alternative to the French Toast if you’re not a sweet person.  The Croque Madame had speck ham, Mornay sauce, a sunny egg, sour dough, potatoes and mixed green salad.  The Croque Madam was delicious and didn’t taste too rich or heavy at all.  It had the right amount of seasoning and was cooked well.  The potatoes were too, well seasoned and cooked just right; the salad had more of a vinaigrette dressing which I liked better than the Fourth Street Cobb I had initially had on my first visit.  The other thing that was really great here was the ketchup they gave me to dip my potatoes with,  it had such a nice smoky taste to it and I asked if it was house-made and it was, no wonder it was so good.

Love the simple aesthetics of cream and sugar so simple and dainty….

Also, just as a side note.  Ben and I had some coffee and this is the plate of sugar and cream they gave me.  I don’t know about you, but I just like the simple presentation of this.  It just shows the aesthetic of this place…. believe me when you come in here you’ll be impressed with the atmosphere.  I’ll definitely return for brunch for sure.  🙂

Anna’s Notes

  • Beautiful atmosphere
  • Street parking available (Sundays are free) but there is also a pre-pay parking lot available beside the restaurant
  • Can book reservations for brunch from Open Table.
  • Brunch prices can be a bit steep but the quality of the ingredients makes up for it.
  • Recommendations:  Definitely try the French Toast and for your savoury taste buds go the for the Croque Madame
  • Child Friendly  (sat beside a couple with a baby and the restaurant treated them really well and had a high-chair for the baby too).
  • Accepts all forms of payments:  debit, credit, & cash.

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