Yung Ho Soy Drink 永和豆漿@ Presidential Plaza: Richmond, BC

Here’s the low down.  When we first arrived at Richmond, we went to O’Tray Noodles and saw Yung Ho Soy Drink’s stall and wanted to get soy milk.  It turns out that by the time Ben went to buy one, the owner was cleaning and said to Ben that he’s sold out everyday at noon and has nothing to sell.  He said that if we wanted anything from his stall that we have to come early in the morning.  “WOW.”- is what we thought, it has to be good if he sells out everyday right?  Well, Ben took it as a personal challenge and we both woke up early the next day just so we can see what the big fuss was about.

The queue in the mornings.

Yung Ho Soya Drinks’ – Set Menus

As any food court, you line up and order what you want and pay for it upfront.  They have set menus (in English) hanging for you choose from as well as a Chinese menu on the counter.  Ben decided that we each get a Shaobing with Chinese Donut, Pepper Beef Biscuit, and a cup of Soy Milk all for $6.25.  

Yung Ho Soya Drinks’ Peppered Beef Biscuit

Yung Ho Soya Drinks’ Pepper Beef Biscuit

Pepper Beef Biscuit was good.  You can definitely taste the black and white peppers that they seasoned the meat with.  Also, it seemed quite popular because we had to wait for the next batch to get our biscuits instead of immediately getting it with our order, which took an extra 10 minutes.  The biscuit was flaky and soft,  not dense at all and not overly buttery or oily-  it was nice.

Yung Ho Soya Drinks’ Shaobing with Chinese Donut

Yung Ho Soya Drinks’ Shaobing with Chinese Donut

The Shaobing with Chinese Donut was…. underwhelming.  I don’t know, I think Ben thought it might be nice to try the Chinese Donut and the Shaobing at the same time (kinda 2 in 1).  The Chinese Donut wasn’t as crispy as I thought it would be and Ben said that you can tell that they didn’t add any of the alkaline water in here to give it that “nutty” flavour.  I guess it’s a plus if they don’t add alkaline water (it sounds so chemically made), but it still lacked that light crispy texture which I always look forward to when eating a Chinese Donut. Otherwise the Chinese Donut it was OK and I liked it.   The Shaobing wrap was flavourless… I don’t know what I was expecting when I was eating it, but overall I didn’t like it so much.  If anything, it was more of a filler.

Yung Ho Soya Drink’s … Soya Milk

The Soy Milk we got was very warm and wasn’t sweet.  I know there are those who like to drink non-sweeten soy milk, but I grew up drinking it sweet and assumed it would come out sweet.  But otherwise, it was on the bland side and not as rich as I would want it to be.

When we were eating, I was looking around to see what everyone else ordered.  There were 3 things that stood out,  the Peppered Beef Biscuit, Chinese Donuts (you can order them separately), and stuff Glutinous Rice Wrap (for us Calgarians,  you can get this stuff at T&T).  I don’t know what was in the Glutinous Rice Wrap but it was sure popular….

Overall,  it’s evident that a lot of people like this place.  The line-up to order breakfast was quite long and you do have to go early.  I believe we went around 9:00 am and waited about 15 -20 minutes before we could order.  Ben and I found this place to be OK,  it was a bit underwhelming for us and we did expect more in flavour.

Anna’s Notes

  • Go early if you decide to try this place out like around 8:00 am or so because they sell out at noon (as per owner).
  • Location is good if you’re staying at the Radisson Airport Hotel (just on the second floor through the connection hall that you can walk through to get to the Presidential Plaza).
  • Recommendations:  Pepper Beef Biscuit and Chinese Donuts
  • Parking may be limited during peak grocery shopping hours (they have a T&T in the plaza).

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5 thoughts on “Yung Ho Soy Drink 永和豆漿@ Presidential Plaza: Richmond, BC

  1. OMG!!!!! I love Chinese breakfast!!!! I’m really happy that you posted so many good eats in Richmond. I plan to move there soon + I’m always really overwhelmed by all the choices!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the great blog posting about Yung Ho Soy Milk and snacks. I will be visiting Taiwan again to hopefully finish my iPhone application about Taiwan’s favorite foods. I have also tried the Soy Mil last time, but can’t remember if the default is to have the doughy pieces in the warm soy milk when served or not. I know I bought it a few ways. Cold, hot, and with the doughy pieces in the soy. Anyway, just thought I drop a line and say hello. Thanks again for sharing!

    • That’s so awesome! Doing an app on Taiwan’s favourite foods! Taiwan is a great culinary country as well! I’ve had the donuts cut and placed in a hot soy milk but I don’t know if it’s necessarily default. I think some people like it and some people don’t because they do get soggy easily in the Soy Milk. Good luck with your app! Hopefully I get to go to Taiwan soon and check it out!

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