Excellent Tofu & Snack: Richmond, BC

I have an addiction to sweets after dinner.  I fully admit it,  I am a sweet-aholic.  Though, only after dinner does my hunger for sweets kick in and as I age,  my palate for sweets tend to be less intense.  But then again, this is coming from a person who as a child had their molars capped because I had so many cavities from eating candy (sometimes I would stick my finger in the sugar jar and snack on that when no one was looking) – on yeah, my sugar cravings were bad.

Therefore, after a wonderful and very filling meal I suggested to Ben that we go to a Chinese “dessert house”, otherwise known as a Tong Sui Po 糖水铺.  There are a couple in Richmond but one that really stands out is Excellent Tofu and Snack.  As the name says, they specialize in tofu.

First off, when we arrived to Excellent Tofu it was about 10:30 pm.  This place is opened until midnight (most nights I believe) and was decently busy.  A lot of people come here for take-out, mainly men picking up desserts for their wives or girlfriends (aww…) and quite a few couples were there too that sat at the tables behind us (not shown in picture).  What I admire about this place was that it looks like it’s family run,  there was an older couple and a few young men who kinda resemble each other.  It was really nice to see that it’s a family run business (a rarity these days).

The majority of their tofu servings are $4.00 a bowl.  I opted for their Soy Pudding with Red Bean and Coconut Milk and Ben initially wanted their Taro Flavour Tofu but they were sold out 😦  (a popular choice….),  and instead opted for the Soy Pudding with Peanuts.  Both our bowls were served hot.

Our table condiments of syrups: regular or ginger.

On each table are two bottles of syrup, one ginger flavoured which is the amber colour one to the right in the picture and the other is regular white sugar syrup which is the clear bottle to the left.  I personally like the ginger flavoured syrup the best for plain tofu because it adds more flavour to it than the regular kind.  My Tofu with Red Beans and Coconut Milk was delicious.  I really liked it,  the red bean added more texture to the tofu and the coconut milk made it a little (just a little…) salty. For those who don’t like anything sweet, you can eat this bowl just the way it is without any syrup since the red beans do give it a mellow hit of sweetness.  Otherwise,  just do what I did and add a drizzle of syrup to the tofu to sweeten it up.  For the red bean and coconut milk tofu, I added the regular syrup since there’s a couple of flavours going on in my bowl of tofu.

Ben’s Soy Pudding with Peanuts were much more bland compared to mine.  He admitted that mine tasted  much better, you see the tofu isn’t suppose to be sweet and the peanuts were blanched which made taste a little bland.  The texture of the peanuts were … al dente, it wasn’t too soft and still had a slight crunch to it which is pleasantly surprising.   Thankfully, we had some ginger syrup on the table which went a long way and really amplified the flavours of this bowl.

Overall,  this is a great place to have some dessert.  The Soy Pudding with Peanuts was a bit bland for our taste, but my Soy Pudding with Red Bean and Coconut Milk was delicious and I’m sure if we come back to Richmond we would definitely hit this place up.  The location was really convenient for us since it was just a 3 minute walk from our hotel and because we went late at night, we did notice parking spaces available in the parking lot but I’m sure parking in the day would be difficult.  I don’t remember if they had an interact machine there, but given that the bowls were about $4.00 each I would suggest to bring cash anyhow.

Anna’s Notes:

  • Open late,  until midnight most nights on Friday and Saturday.
  • Best to bring cash
  • Parking maybe hard to find in the day, but at night shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Fast and friendly!
  • Someone try the Taro Flavour Soy Pudding!!!!
  • Does take-out!
  • Great for vegans and vegetarians alike! *updated May 2, 2012*

Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店 on Urbanspoon


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