Wo Fung Desserts @ Aberdeen Mall: Richmond, BC

*So just a note to readers….. this is still Friday afternoon (our Day 1) 🙂

After eating at Fok Po Tong, Ben and I walked towards Aberdeen Centre which is in front of the Radisson Airport Hotel that we’re staying at.  Aberdeen Centre in Richmond is pretty fancy ethnic mall.  The vendors are Asian, but mainly Chinese as well the consumers walking around the mall.  Basically, I kinda had my culture shock there.  I mean, other than China, I’ve never seen so many Asian people in one spot and it was so cool!  You really do feel like you’re in another country, also Aberdeen Centre is very modern.  It’s not like Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario where the vendors are in their small 10′ x 10′ glass booth.  It was clean, it was busy, spacious, and  it even had a fancy water fountain.

What really stands out is the food court that’s located on the third floor.  Ben and I made ourselves up there just to see what the food court has to offer and oh, there’s tonnes of stuff my friends.  Beard Papa Cream Puffs from Japan,  Saboten from Japan opened shop here,  Frappe Bliss which does Taiwanese style iced desserts, and the one that we saw the longest line up for was Wo Fung Desserts.

Wo Fung Desserts has been written up by tonnes of Vancouver food bloggers for their Chicken Wings.  Yup, chicken wings, not dessert… I don’t even think they had desserts on the menu, ain’t that funny.  Instead every person we saw there ordered the chicken wings.  Which Ben automatically gravitated to instantly, “Wanna get some chicken wings to share?”.  My thoughts were, “Seriously, you’re not full?  I’m kinda full, I can’t eat wings… what about dinner tonight?  How are we going to do dinner at proper dinner time…..  “, but what came out of my mouth was “OK! Order the iced lemon tea too. “. 🙂  And that’s what we got.

They’re Chicken Wings were about $4.75 for 3 pieces.  What you do at the counter is pay for the chicken wings and they give you your receipt that you must keep because it has a number on it; they’ll then read out the number to let you know that your order is ready for pick up at the counter.  What I’ve learnt about eating in Richmond is that it’s best to bring cash.   Cash is king folks, especially in Richmond, BC.  None of this debit card, credit card crap.  Just good old loonies, toonies, with a couple of Queens and her buddies.

The chicken wings were hot (temperature) since they were fresh from the deep fryer.  The skin was crispy and the meat was tender and juicy.  I will admit I did find them a little under seasoned for my tastes.   I’m just a sodium hog, but I think if it was a bit saltier or seasoned a little more, I would be ordering a second round no doubt.

As for the other item we ordered…

For an even $2.00, this Lemon Tea was awesome!  We saw tonnes of people ordering this along with their chicken wings.  It wasn’t overly sweet, nor sour and had the right amount of ice.  It definitely complimented the chicken wings very well.

Overall,  the chicken wings were OK.   I do think they were a bit under seasoned but the iced lemon tea totally made up for it.  It does seem like they have a lot of loyal customers with nearly every second person in the food court ordering these wings.  These wings might not hit the spot with me that day,  but I the next day I totally did find some chicken wings that totally made it to my heart….and stomach of course.  🙂

*** CASH ONLY ***
Wo Fung Dessert 甜甜車仔麵 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon


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