Shawrama King: Calgary, Alberta

When Ben and I have one of those late work nights, we usually go home starved so we want something that’s fast, fresh, warm and can be packed for take-out.  Shawrama King is one of the places on our list we go to when we have one of those nights.  It’s located on Kensington and just east of 14th Street.   This place is opens at 10:00 am and closes at 4:00 am in the morning, 4:00 AM!!  Isn’t that crazy?  Great for after those late night meals after a party.

Shawarma King Lebanese Cuisine

This place does wraps (which is very popular) and they also sell tabbouleh,  samosas and other side dishes and sweets but what we really love about this place are the Shawrama Platters.  The platter has your choice of chicken, beef, lamb (extra $1.00) and comes with  rice, roasted potatoes with a creamy garlic mayo, hummus, pita bread (in a separate bag), fresh salad with lettuce, onions, pickles, hot peppers and pickled cabbage (?) and all for $9.99.

Chicken Shawrama Platter

We always get the Chicken Shawrama Platter when we go,  and honestly we haven’t tried the beef or lamb and I think it’s because the chicken is really good so we don’t bother trying anything else.  Come’on, just look at that take-out box!  It’s huge!  They don’t skimp on the meat either.  We usually can’t finish it (but sometimes I do… yes, I’m a pig and I have no shame).  I love that they have roasted potatoes and they load up on garlic mayo and the rice is cooked really well, it’s fluffier than your typical jasmine rice that you stock up from Superstore.  They also add an additional sauce over top (which I don’t think is the “sweet” sauce because I don’t think it tastes sweet)  and hot sauce – if you like.  We generally get everything on it, and the salad is super fresh and by just having the pickled vegetables on it, you don’t need any dressing.

I just think this is a great alternative from your typical wrap, especially if you’re really hungry and you want more of a meal.  They also have a vegetarian platter too.

There’s a small seating area available and counter space against the wall for you to stay and eat, but of course take-out is available.   They take cash and interact.

Shawarma King on Urbanspoon


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