BIG & little’s: Chicago, Illinois

When we were in Chicago last November, we met up with our friend Peter.  Peter I would like to say is a closet foodie.  He suggested we try some Po’Boys at a place called BIG & little’s.

What is a Po’Boy?  Based on Wikipedia it’s:

“A po’ boy (also po-boypo boy, or poor boy) is a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana. It almost always consists of meat, usually roast, or seafood, usually fried, served on baguette-like New Orleans French bread, known for its crisp crust yet fluffy”

BIG & little’s is a brain child of two chefs, Gary Strauss and Tony D’Alessandro (Tony was on Season 6 of Hell’s Kitchen- tough guy if you ask me.).  They’re really popular among the Chicago foodies and Food Network hosts.  I mean look at their wall!

I have to admit, American’s make the best deep fried items ever.  When our friend Peter said that there’s a place called BIG & little’s that makesPo’Boys and are really popular on urban spoon we were sold and wanted to try it!

I have to admit for someone who’s not originally from there, we walked to a more unknown and kinda scary part of Chicago that we werent’t used too.  We walked there at night from our hotel so I will admit I was little nervous, but when we got there we were happy that Peter suggested this place.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture but we were excited, hungry, and relieved when we got there.

After a couple of minutes trying to figure out what we wanted we decided to go with 4 items:  Fish and Chips, Soft Shell Crab Po’Boy, Pork Belly Po’Boy and Mahi Fish Taco.

I personally haven’t had much fish and chips, but this one at BIG & little’s was really good!  The fish was very fluffy.  I wasn’t sure what type of fish they used but the batter was delicate too; it wasn’t over bearing and there wasn’t a tonne of flour on it.  The portions were HUGE and between the three of us, I think the fish and chips was finished off first.  We also ordered it with a side of truffle fries which were really delicious.  I will admit, I was taken back by the strong scent of the truffle oil; but the more I ate more I liked the truffle fries and it kinda became addicting.

The second one we shared was the Soft Shell Crab,  I will admit it was a little hard to share this Po’Boy but we totally were able to finish this all equally. 🙂  This one came with lettuce and a spicy mayo.  The crab itself was also deep fried nicely and it had more of a crunch to it compared to the fish and chips.  Also, I love that they toast their bread too.

Next was the Pork Belly Po’Boy.  Out of all four, this was probably my least favourite.  I guess it’s because when I think Pork Belly, I think tender.  This was really crunchy,  maybe a bit over cooked.  It was a littler hard to chew and more on the saltier side, but luckily they had some pickles in this Po’Boy to balance it out.

The last one was the Mahi Fish Taco.  Honestly, this was o.k..  It wasn’t surprising.  The fish from Fish and Chips was similar tasting, except it was over small soft taco shells.  It was good, I just preferred the Fish and Chips and the Soft Shell Crab Po’Boy over this.

I most definitely will come back to BIG & little’s when I do go back to Chicago.  I think next time I would want to tried their Fried Shrimp Po’Boy.  The prices are really good and everyone was super super friendly.  I do feel that Chicago is the friendliest place in the U.S. and BIG & little’s is a great representation of that.

BIG & little's on Urbanspoon


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