Blue Star Diner: Calgary, Alberta

Given that today is a Sunday, I thought it would be fitting to write a post about a diner I’ve recently went too.  Calgary has quite a few diners and they’re very popular during the weekend.  There’s always a line up and I’ll be honest, I don’t wake up early enough to beat the rush.  If Ben and I decide to go to a diner for brunch, it’s probably going be around 11:30 am or later because we like to sleep in.

One diner we’ve recently been too is Blue Star Diner.  Blue Star Diner is located in the Bridgeland area of Calgary,  which I believe is considered the Little Italy of Calgary.  I will admit if you plan on going to diners on the weekend, expect to wait.  Don’t let it deter you if they tell you it’s going to be a 20 – 25 minute wait because you’ll never get to eat at a diner if you don’t.   As Ben and I arrived at Blue Star Diner, of course we were told there was going to be a wait and I said “Yes we’ll wait”.  At the end of the day, if a restaurant is busy  you know it’s good – so what’s the harm in waiting.  The gentleman at the front was gracious enough to offer his guests that were waiting coffee or tea.  Great service if you ask me!

Counter @ Blue Star Diner

I will admit from the outside Blue Star Diner isn’t really curb appealing.  But in the inside, I loved it!  It’s what I would call Modern Country.  I love the cooling colours,  the baby blue, white, hard wood floors and tables, with a touch of stainless steel and the ceiling is pretty too!  Especially the large lights (look up when you’re there), it’s all very minimalistic but reminiscent of the farming community I grew up in.

By the time we got a table Ben and I were starving.  We immediately looked at their menu and came across some very hard choices.  I wanted to eat everything.  Their concept is also to minimize their carbon footprint, so the majority of their ingredients are locally supplied and organic.  After a good few minutes looking over the menu, we finally decided to order.  I ordered the Chipotle Pulled Pork Hash that was $14.50 and Ben ordered their Bridgeland Breakfast Sammy for $12.75.

Chipotle Pulled Pork Hash

My Chipotle Pulled Pork Hash came with a poached egg and sweet potatoes with some green peppers.  I will admit, the serving size did look small at first but as I continue to eat I found myself getting full fast.  This meal was very good,  savoury with the pulled pork and the sweetness of the sweet potato came through.  It wasn’t as all spicy, it had a very mellow kick to it.  I did order a side of Sour Dough Toast from them too and that was really good.  It was tangy which was nice because all my life I’ve never really had a “sour” sour dough bread. It always tasted like regular bread to me.  But their’s was really nice,  the waitress also gave me a side of blueberry jam to go with it.

Bridgeland Breakfast Sammy @ Blue Star Diner

Ben’s Bridgeland Breakfast Sammy look very good too!  It came with sour dough bread- toasted, Gull Valley tomatoes, basil, eggs and Sylvan Star Gruyere cheese with a side of red potato hash browns.  I will admit, I kinda wished I ordered this.  Not saying mine was bad, it was very good but his looked more breakfest-y.  From what he told me everything balanced really well.  He loved that there was tomatoes in it because it gave it a nice fresh taste to his breakfast and he loved the little orange slice that came with it.  The potatoes were nicely done,  the skins were a bit crispy- just the way he liked it.  He also was surprised that the portions here are deceiving, but the quality of it surpasses that quantity.  It was very good and it was really filling-  (I took the last few bites as I noticed he was getting really full hehe).

Overall, we were really happy we waited and the food was presented well and tasted fantastic. Our waitress was very nice and patient with us when we were going over the menu.   We will definitely be back soon and will come extremely hungry. 🙂

Blue Star Diner on Urbanspoon


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