Fresh Kitchen Turkey Dinner 2011

When Thanksgiving came along I didn’t know what to do.  I wanted turkey, but I didn’t want to cook a turkey nor did I want to make a whole bunch of side dishes and end up getting tonnes of left overs.  In my previous post, I listed a few places that I was looking at to buy Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.  Yes folks you can buy yourself a pre-made, delicious Turkey Dinner.  I decided to go to Fresh Kitchen because I heard good reviews about them from people who had their Turkey Dinners on Friday and I ordered ours for Monday.

On the menu:

  • Roasted butternut squash soup with spiced creme fraiche
  • Organic greens with hand torn brown butter croutons, sun dried cranberry, pumpkin seeds and Fairwinds Farm goat cheese
  • Farm fresh turkey dinner OR Valbella maple glazed Gammon ham dinner
  • Herb buttermilk mashed potatoes
  • Roasted organic rainbow carrots, traditional pan gravy and fresh made cranberry sauce
  • Brioche, sage and bacon stuffing
  • Deep dish fresh baked pumpkin pie with spiced cream

All for $24.99 + GST per person.   Above is the servings for two!

We decided to get one serving of the ham and one serving of the turkey so we can share and get a bit of both. 

Everything was delicious.  My favorite was the stuffing.  The stuffing use brioche bread with bacon and cranberries-  which had the whole sweet, savory, crunchy (from the added celery and onions) and tarty taste and texture which all worked extremely well.  The turkey pieces that we were given had some dark meat and I was happy with that since it wasn’t too dried and I’m a lover of dark meat.  The only thing that bothered me was the amount of turkey we received.  I felt the amount of turkey was had was too little compared to two large slices of ham we received.  The pumpkin soup was delicious,  Ben loved it!  It’s probably the only vegetarian soup he would eat again.  It was very smooth and earthy tasting,  I’ll probably attempt to make this soup at home one day.  The salad was good was well, the goat cheese they used wasn’t so strong-  which I liked.  I sometimes find goat cheese tends to sometimes have a gamy smell and taste to it.  It’s usually a little too strong for me, but the one they used in this salad was much more mild than the goat cheese I’ve had before- a very pleasant surprise indeed.  The pumpkin pie was a wonderful treat.   I was so stuffed, but I always have more room for dessert.  The pumpkin pie wasn’t overly sweet and I liked having the little spiced cream on the side.  Usually I would have vanilla ice cream, but believe me I was not gonna grab a scoop of ice cream after this meal.

Overall, the roasted vegetables and mash potatoes were great.  The whole dinner was delicious and I would definitely consider getting my holiday meals for 2 at Fresh Kitchen.  The price was right for the meal- given the quality we had.   I haven’t tried their Fresh Friday take home dinners.  I’ve purchased individual dishes to make a meal from there and I do find it expensive but after trying this Thanksgiving Meal I do think it’s worth a try to order their Fresh Friday meals.

Other than prepared meats, salads, and sides etc.  They also have a little grocery section on the one wall if you want to find some hard to find ingredients and treats as well as a little cafe area for coffee, sandwiches and pastries.  It’s a very clean, quaint little shop in Marda Loop.  Everyone that works there is friendly and professional.  I may find that some of the things are expensive, but hey- if you need a jar of foie gras or some good cheese for a party your having this place is worth checking out.

My suggestion is to stop by and take a look around because chances are there’s something in there that you’ll like.  🙂

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