Korean Bakery

I love fusion.  Especially when it comes to desserts.  There’s something about Asian bakeries that have that East meets West flavors in their pastries, cakes and breads that just hit’s the spot.   The other day, when I went to Olive Chicken I noticed a Korean Bakery right beside it.  After looking it up on Urbanspoon, I noticed that this particular bakery has something really different to offer.  That special something is their Sweet Potato Cake.  Yup you heard me!!!  SWEET POTATO CAKE!!!  Growing up in an Asian household,  we eat sweet potato like it’s our dessert.  Generally you would, steamed just the way it is- peel and all.  Nowadays we just cook our sweet potato in microwave and eat it like a banana-  gently removing the peel and eating the soft sweet flesh in the inside,  all with oven mitts on.  Well, I’m the only one in my family that does this with oven mitts because I do not have hands of steel.

OH and they sell Rice Juice!   Yay!  For those who don’t know what Rice Juice is….well, OK I’m not gonna BS, I don’t know what Rice Juice is either.  BUT I know it’s the same stuff that’s given to you at Seoul Korean BBQ on MacLeod after you’ve had your meal.  Though, last time I was there they gave us frozen yogurt- and no, not like Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt.  I mean like Asian frozen yogurt in the uber small containers with the foil top that you sip on.  Any how, I had to get me some Rice Juice since I can drink this stuff like water.

This was not expensive either.  I believe a cup of Rice Juice was only $1.50 (I think..).  Not expensive at all.  It was quite refreshing too- not super sweet at all.  Great for a hot day when you want something to just quench your thirst.  Also, I would like to mention what I like about Rice Juice is that it has a natural taste to it.  It doesn’t taste like it required a crap load of sugar or additives and is made out of instant powders etc.  It was just a great natural tasting drink, kinda like home made iced tea or lemonade.

Alright, so I picked me up some Sweet Potato Cake!  This is what the bakery is known for,  and I have to admit I love love love the box they put my cake in.  You can see through the box to get a peek at the cake and it has handles.  OH, and call me ignorant, but I don’t know if popular western bakeries do this, but what I love about getting cakes from Asian bakers is that they provide you with a cake knife.  Yeah, cake knife-  not a real metal cake knife but a plastic one to cut the cake with.   I’m sure it’s not a big deal for a lot of people, but for me I totally appreciate it since I don’t eat cake often I do not want to cut one up with my butcher knife I have at home or worst, my butter knife.

Voila!  Look at how pretty it is.  Now, I must admit I love the presentation on this cake!  It looks so … minimalistic, clean, delicate and well soft….. it’s because the outer layer is actually cake crumbs.  At first I thought it was white chocolate flakes but when it wasn’t 😦 .  No worries though, because after taking a slice of this cake it was totally worth it not having the white chocolate on the outside.   Not the prettiest food shot, but hey it’s an honest shot.  This is after I took a slice out and you can see the sweet potato filling in the middle there.  Believe me you have to try it.  It’s kinda like the custard that you find in most cakes but sweet potato gives it so much flavor.  Generally with custard you taste sugar, and an ultra creamy consistency but with the sweet potato there’s this element of natural sweetness from the potato itself.  It doesn’t just taste like sugar, it has a great earthy flavour to it.  You wouldn’t think that it would taste good, but for those who grew up eating sweet potato in it’s most natural state, you would really enjoy this cake.

The overall cake is not very sweet,  the sponge of the cake was nice fluffy in texture and it worked well with the sweet potato filling.  I hate it when a cake is overly sweet, and this was just a great balance between the sweet potato and the sponge cake.

I finished this cake in two days.  Believe me, check out the Korean Bakery and get the Sweet Potato Cake and some Rice Juice.  You won’t regret it!

Korean Bakery on Urbanspoon


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