Olive Chicken

I’m gonna say it.  Fried chicken in the U.S and China are the best I’ve ever had.  Fried chicken in Calgary is not so good until I read a post by Miss.Foodie about Olive Chicken.  Olive Chicken is a Korean style fried chicken in the Korean strip mall on 10th Ave SW and 13th St.    This little place has literally 3 tables  inside and I’m sure they mainly do take-out.  My one tip about this place is that the mall is usually packed, so please don’t feel discouraged if you can’t find a parking spot in the mall, there’s plenty of street parking.   We were excited to try this place out since we heard of Korean fried chicken in the states and we were excited to hear that we have an establishment in Calgary that makes this type of chicken.  It’s a nice little set up indoors.  Very clean and what’s great is that they’ll fry the chicken for you when you order.  We ordered the “half & half”,  half crispy and half hot and sweet.   What I really like about this place too is that they respect the food.  What do you mean respect the food?  No, they don’t kill it themselves or bless it in anyway (or maybe they do and that would be cool).  No, what I mean by respect is that they placed the chicken in separate boxes.  Yeah, no cheaping out on packaging here.  I hate it when foods cross contaminate when they shouldn’t.  As you can see, no cross contamination.  Both types of chicken are great!  The Hot and Sweet chicken I found was more sweet than hot.   A bit of a mess to eat, but still very good.  The meat is nice and juicy and the spiciness isn’t too overbearing.   The  crispy fried chicken was still really crunchy when I brought it home, which was a bit of a surprise because it’s usually gets soft by being all covered, but what I like about the crispy chicken is that the skin and batter had a nice crunch to it.  It’s really hard to find fried chicken that had that nice crispy crunch and Olive Chicken does this very well.  If you’ve ever been to China and had the KFC there, this is going to be as close as you can get in Calgary to getting that kind of crunch.

You get quite a bit of chicken for $16.99 as you can see from the above picture.  Ben and I couldn’t finished it all and a bit left over, but I can honestly say it’s now one of our favorite take-out places in Calgary.  Try it, you won’t regret it! 🙂
Olive Chicken on Urbanspoon


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