Temple Spice Crab: Temple Street, Hong Kong

Well I guess I could be one of the worst bloggers out there for not blogging in a month or so.  :S  But I have never forgotten about it.  The next few weeks I will be traveling for work and eating out during my trip and up until my trip, so I’ll do my best to catch up on my writing.  But today I want to quickly write about one of my meals that I had in Hong Kong.

First off,  I would like to declare that Hong Kong is my favorite place away from home because it’s uber awesome!  I mean, truly it is.  It’s one of those cities in Asia where you can feel safe, the locals are friendly, public transportation is cheap and easy to navigate and everywhere there’s food and the city truly doesn’t sleep-  I don’t think.   We arrive in Hong Kong in the early evening and so we rushed to get to our hotel, shower, change and planned to eat a great dinner.  Now, a great dinner in Hong Kong doesn’t have to expensive mind you but just to eat fresh seafood was something that was on my mind when I knew we were going to Hong Kong.   Since we were staying in the Kowloon/Mong Kok area of Hong Kong- we wanted to go eat what they call “Dai Pai Dong” which really is to me, cheap, fast, street food.

One of the best attractions in Hong Kong is Temple Street Night Market.  Vendors come out almost every night to sell their goods at great bargain prices and they have wonderful eateries that spill on to the streets.  The one we went to was known as Temple Spice Crab. 
You know a great place to eat is when you see a tonne of people eating there too.  So of course after seeing all the customers eating happily away with their bottles of cold beers (it was ridiculously hot in Hong Kong, even at night).  A waitress saw us looking at her customers and quickly asked us to sit down.

First thing we ordered was the Steamed Garlic Shrimp with Bean Thread.  Fresh steam shrimp on a bed of bean thread topped with fried savory garlic and steamed.  This was a great starter, a nice combo of sweet fresh shrimp and savory garlic and you get the wonderful juices of shrimp and sauce soaked up in the bean thread.  We finished this fast, but luckily once we finished our next dish came!

Second dish of the night was our Chili Pepper Mantis, aka. Pissing Shrimp.This was the most expensive dish.  Each mantis went for 50 HKD ($13.00 CAD) which is quite expensive but they were the size of my hand- well a little bigger than my hand so it was worth it.  Also, we don’t have this in Canada (I don’t even think in North America) so the 100 HKD for 2 is totally justified.  And it does taste like shrimp but sweeter and much tender.

Third dish is one that we felt like we needed since we were eating a lot of seafood.  A wonderful plate of Morning Glory aka. Water Spinach.  They sell this here in T&T,  I know, I know why would I order it if I had it here? Well, it’s one of our favorite vegetables and really we can never stir-fry it as well as a restaurant in Hong Kong, especially if you want something with that “fiery wok” taste.

Alright, so the last dish we had was my favorite,   Steam Garlic Scallops.  Similar to the shrimp we had before, but this was way better.  This I will literally try to make at home because we loved it that much.  The scallops were so tender and naturally sweet.  We could easily remove them from their shells with our chop sticks.  Again, like the shrimp it had the bean thread which also gathered a lot of flavors from the garlic and scallop. 

As for what to drink, no need for wine here.  We happily sipped our locally brewed beer, San Miguel.  Nice cool beer in the heat with a delicious meal and good company in a bustling city.

When you come to Hong Kong or any Asian city, make sure you take advantage of every culinary delight and if it’s sold on the street or by the street- just try it because chances are it’s gonna be one of the best meals you’ll have.  This is definitely one I won’t forget and instead will try to repeat.  🙂



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