Holy Smokes BBQ

Wow, it’s been awhile (again) since my last post.  The last 2 months have been insane.  Work has really caught up to me, each time I think “I’m gonna finish this one thing and finally have time to relax… ” BAM! It all comes back, all the late nights, the quick trips to McDonald’s for lunch or sometimes no lunch, eating out instead of staying in and cooking, etc.  The heat of the last couple of days also contributed to the sleepless nights,  there were many times I wished I was at the North Pole…. haha.

Well, earlier this month (or was it last month) Ben and I decided to look for a new family doctor closer to home and well, one that we would feel comfortable with.   It’s hard to find one in Calgary and one that is accessible in proximity to where we live.  One of the things the doctor asked us to do was to get a physical that required blood tests and so Ben and I fasted for like a good 15 hours.  Yeah, apparently 10 hours is sufficient and anything over 10 hours is not good… at all.  After the blood work was done, we had a huge craving for meat, but we didn’t want to wait too long for it.  So I suggest Holy Smokes BBQ.  I’ve been wanting to try this place for awhile and had heard great reviews of this place.

Located in the Blackfoot industrial area of Calgary, this wonderful little place packs a big punch in southern BBQ cooking.   The smell going up to the place will definitely get you excitingly hungry.   When you enter, you’ll see the bottle of sauces by the door and the trays of corn bread behind the counter, the wonderful smell of barbeque and of course the friendly face ready to serve you.   After reading through some of the reviews on Urbanspoon I had to get Chopped Brisket sandwich.

Holy Smokes BBQ: Chopped Brisket Sandwhich with a side Macaroni Salad and Dry Rub Rib

Ohhhh,  it was good……   I was really happy and after fasting for so long I did try to control myself from inhaling it because I did want to savor every tender piece of brisket in that sandwich.  I also had a side of macaroni salad and a rib.  Both were really great,  the macaroni salad is a classic macaroni salad- no fuss, just good old home style salad.  The rib is actually the first rib I had that was seasoned with a dry rub.  Generally, I also get stuff slathered in BBQ sauce but this was really nice I enjoyed it a lot.  The dry rub not only gave it flavor but a nice crispy texture.

Ben on the other hand got a the Pulled Pork sandwich that was topped with some coleslaw.   His looked tasty too,  I actually wanted to take a big bite out of it when he wasn’t looking, but evidently he was pretty hungry too and didn’t let that sandwich out of his sight.  His was also the 4 oz version of the sandwich and opted for 2 of the ribs with a piece of corn bread.

Holy Smokes BBQ: Pulled Pork Sandwhich with a Corn Bread and Dry Rubbed Ribs

Now I have to admit, I really love corn bread.  Though I never get a chance to eat it here in Calgary since really there’s not a lot of places that serve it so I got really excited when I saw a whole try of it behind the counter and wanted to try a piece.  Honestly, it’s probably one of the best corn breads I’ve ever had.  It wasn’t overly sweet and it had a nice soft fluffy texture to it that made me get a second piece!

What’s really great about this place is that the prices are so good.  I mean if you check out their menu everything is under $9.00 and their ribs are only a $1.00 a bone.  Very reasonable wouldn’t you say?  Also, they have trivia games on their tables and counters too to pass the time when you’re waiting for your order-  good food, fun games, great prices… what more do you want?

Check it out,  won’t be disappointed!


Holy Smoke Barbecue and Smokepit on Urbanspoon


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