Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post.  Things have been pretty intense at home and work the last couple of weeks that I just couldn’t get around to writing on this blog.  But thank goodness all the craziness has passed so I can concentrate on my delicious hobby.  One of the things that comes to mind when I do have a stressful few weeks is comfort food or familiar food that you dive into and makes you feel all warm inside.  In my case, I like sweet foods that are fried and Jelly Modern Doughnuts met my hunger needs.

This very modern establishment makes and sells what I like to call “couture comfort food”.  I love couture comfort food, to me couture comfort food needs to hit 3 main points.

1)  It has to be pretty to look at.

2) It has to taste extraordinarily good.

3) There must be a cheaper, not-so pretty and (sometimes) not-so-good version of it somewhere.

Also, price does come into a factor and personally these were the most expensive doughnuts I’ve ever paid for but I think they were worth it because you do taste and see the effort that are put into these doughnuts.

Jelly Modern: 1/2 Dozen Doughnuts - 1

Ben and I decided to buy 1/2 a dozen doughnuts and generally both of us would buy 6 different flavors but really I didn’t want to fight with him if we both wanted a specific doughnut so we got 3 flavors, 2 of each.  Ben was pretty hungry that morning , I didn’t even notice the missing doughnut  when I took this shot.

Jelly Modern: Carrot Cake Doughnut

Jelly Modern: Maple Bacon Doughnut

Jelly Modern: Smores Doughnut

These are the 3 doughnuts we bought and they were all delicious, the nice girl that took my order told me the Smores was the most popular doughnut and I can see why.  Classic flavors of chocolate and marshmallows go hand in hand.   The one we loved the best was the Carrot Cake doughnut.  It wasn’t overly sweet and the doughnut itself had a really nice crunchy crust.  The folks were so sweet and nice as I took my time checking out the doughnuts.  They serve lattes and coffee there too and have specials on the weekend.   This place is a wonderful treat to have for yourself or give as a gift to friends.

Jelly Modern Doughnuts on Urbanspoon


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