MUKU Japanese Ramen

The last couple of days in Calgary have been cold ones.  It’s been raining a lot in the city this week so Ben and I wanted something warm, hearty, and quick for dinner and ramen came to mind.   There are a couple of places in Calgary that offer Japanese ramen on their menu but MUKU in Calgary is absolutely dedicated to it.  Their whole menu is based on ramen and they have various soup bases that go with it like Tonkotsu (pork bone based broth), Miso (miso based), and Shoyu (soya sauce based) as well as a few appetizers and a rice bowl or two.    Since it was raining and Ben and I love pork, we decided to look at their tonkotsu ramen options.   We also noticed you can order your ramen as a set menu for an extra $3.00.  This set menu would come with a small bowl of salad (lettuce and corn with a soya vinaigrette) and your choice of a small unagi rice bowl or sukiyaki (beef) rice bowl .   For $3.00, we thought it was a deal so we both ordered the set menu with our ramens.

I ordered the Kanban Ramen which is a spicy tonkotsu ramen with spicy ground pork, a piece of chasu and cabbage then decided to go with the Sukiyaki Rice bowl for my set menu too since I felt like beef.

Kanban Ramen: MUKU Japanese Ramen, Calgary

The Kanban Ramen was spicy, but nothing over the top so you feel like your tongue is on fire.  It was delicious and the soup base was warm and well seasoned.  The broth surprisingly was not heavy as most people would think with a pork base broth, instead it tasted delicate and light.  I even liked the cabbage that came with it too since it balanced out the spiciness of the bowl.  The noodles themselves are cooked al dente so it had a nice chew to it.

Kanban Ramen with Sukiyaki Rice Bowl (set menu): MUKU Japanese Restaurant, Calgary

Personally, I like the Sukiyaki Rice bowl over the unagi and I love unagi.  But there’s just something about the thin slices of beef and the marinade/ sauce they use over the rice that makes it so so good.  The beef is tender and you can taste just that little bit of fat that gives it flavor and makes this whole bowl work.

Ben had the Tonkotsu Ramen and instead opted for the Unagi Rice bowl with his set menu.

Tonkatsu Ramen: MUKU Japanese Restaurant

This is a classic ramen bowl and Ben finished up in no time.  He loved it.  It’s has a delicate taste to it and all due to it’s pork based broth.  He says his noodles were perfect, just the right amount of chew.  You can see they added pieces of pork, known as chasu to the bowl with that really cute piece of fish cake on top.  I remember back in my university days I would make instant noodles and add a load of these fish cake pieces in my bowl so it looked like it came from a restaurant instead of packet.  You can buy the fish cake at the frozen section of T&T Supermarket and most Chinese grocery stores in Calgary.

Tonkatsu Ramen with Unagi Rice Bowl (set menu): MUKU Japanese Restaurant, Calgary

You can see they give you two good sized pieces of unagi in the bowl and Ben said he liked it, he said it was just enough unagi to rice ratio and tasted good.  It’s the same type of unagi you would get at a sushi restaurant too,  just placed over a bed of rice in a bowl.   But honestly if you happen to go to MUKU please try their Sukiyaki Rice with the set menu, you’ll like it. 🙂

Our bill with tax came to $29.30 before tips,  very good for the amount of food we received and I personally think this is one of the best deals in town for ramen.


Muku Japanese Ramen on Urbanspoon


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