Teatro Restaurant: Calgary, Alberta

A little while ago Ben and I wanted to go out for a “date night”.  Does anyone else do date nights?  It’s funny how couples that have been together for so long get into a routine and become …. well introverted.  I also think though that Alberta is a province of really hard working folks that get up early, work long days, and sleep late.  That’s how we’ve become, I mean it was only last summer that I discovered Heritage Park and it was like 10 minutes drive from where I lived- and we’ve lived here for 5 years….. So, being that we’re hard working folks we like to treat ourselves once in a blue moon and a few months ago I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up on Dealfind (a coupon buying site like Groupon) and they had a wonderful deal on Teatro Restaurant in Calgary.  Teatro is well known in the city as being upscale, find-dining, Italian influenced restaurant in the city.  It’s in beautiful old building where there’s large windows, tall columns, high ceilings and just a great atmosphere to be here.  I felt super comfortable there,  it’s not at all a super fine dining place where men must have jackets and women cannot wear denim but you definitely have to looked like you cleaned yourself and placed effort in your choice of clothing when you go.  It’s a place where you would definitely want to bring clients in for lunch and have dinners for special occasions.  On to the meal…. The appetizer we choose was the Alberta Bison Tartar.

Teatro: Alberta Bison Tartar

I liked this dish, it tasted fresh and I personally thought it was seasoned well but Ben thought it did lack seasoning.  Good thing though was that they had some salt on the table.  The only down fall of this dish was the size of toasted crostini with a trio of brie on top, I wished there was more of it to eat with the tartar. I also want to mention that I’m really glad that they didn’t put the meat through a meat grinder.  When I was in Montreal, some of my clients there told me that real tartar should be hand chopped, so I appreciate the effort placed in this tartar.  Believe me, it tastes much better when it’s hand chopped by a chef who respects the food and the dish.

Teatro: Seafood Canneloni

Ben did a great job in choosing the Seafood Canneloni, again he thought it was under seasoned but I personally thought it was delicious.  There were real chucks of lobster and a scallops in there and it was baked to perfection.  I should have just taken this dish away from Ben, but he liked it enough to shoo me away.

Teatro: Alberta Lamb Terzetto

For myself, I had to succumb to my inner meatetarian.  I ordered the Alberta Lamb Terzetto which consists of lamb sausage, lamb leg and grilled chop and a side of sundried tomato gnocchi with a portobello-arugula insalata with rosemary jus.  The lamb was OK.  I have to admit I did find it a little hard to chew the lamb chop and the sausage I found to be a bit dry but I love the gnocchi.  The gnocchi and the arugula was perfect.  There should be a main dish based on those ingredients.  It was so so good. I finished every piece of gnocchi and insalata there and left a bit of the tough meat to the side.  Everything was so well seasoned and the jus tied everything together perfectly. The bill came to $123.11 with taxes but I had an $80.00 voucher so it ended up being $43.11 (before tips).  Pretty sweet huh?   OH and they gave us the best quality take away bag I’ve ever seen!

Teatro: Take away bag

It’s reusable!!!  I loved it!  Way better than a plastic bag or just the container with no bag.  I loved how they pay attention to details like that. All in all, I enjoyed atmosphere and service that Teatro had to offer.  The food was good but nothing over the top,  I would definitely order that Seafood Canneloni again because it was that good.  Again, great place to have lunch meetings and special occasions, but be prepared to spend when you come here. Enjoy! Teatro on Urbanspoon


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