Dong Khanh Vietnamese Restaurant

Have you ever had dried noodles?  I don’t mean like instant noodles that you would crumble in a bag and eat raw as a kid.  No, my friends.  You see there’s noodles that are basically cooked noodles without the soup.  I think it’s a very Southeast Asian thing dish.  You’ll have a lot from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore that would have their own varieties of these dried noodle bowls.  But here in Calgary, there is one restaurant that offers it and its definitely the real thing.  It’s known as Dong Khanh Restaurant.  Their located in the N.E,  and they are a family run Vietnamese restaurant.  They’ve been around for awhile and their prices haven’t changed all that too much over the years.  What I like about their menu is that it’s different from a lot of the Vietnamese restaurants here in Calgary.  I think most Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary serve up the same things- Pho and Broken Rice plates, Dong Khanh does too but their signature dish is the dried noodles.  Order pho or rice plates else where,  because Dong Khanh is all about these beautiful bowls of noodles.

Dong Khanh Special Dried Noodles with Soup on the Side.

On the menu they note that their dried noodles come with a small bowl of pork bone broth *on the side.*  I emphasize on the side because it what differentiates the noodles with soup and the dried noodles on their menu.   Fair warning, this restaurants caters to the Vietnamese/SE Asian demographic so all their dried noodles come with the goodies you see above (pork heart, pork liver, pork kidney)   with the actual meat being a minority in this bowl.  Now, that being said you can request it to be just regular meat and they’ll do it for you,  but you have to anticipate a small additional cost to it.  If you’re not a fan of pork, then order something else because I highly doubt they would change this dish to beef or chicken for you. This dish comes with regular wonton noodles underneath, but they do have another type known as the “Cambodian style noodles with soup on the side” which has rice noodles instead, and is super good.

When eating this dish I would suggest to drizzle some black vinegar over it (about 1 Chinese soup spoon), they have the vinegar on the table and to tell the difference between the soya sauce and the vinegar is basically by taking a whiff of it.  Make sure you mix everything up on the bowl and bon appetit!

They also provide each table with a free jasmine tea and you can order this stuff to go too.

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