Calgary Court (Chinatown), Calgary

Do you have a “go-to” place when you had a long day at work and it’s nearing 7:00 pm at night and you’re starving. A place where waiters know you and greet you with a smile when you come in. The food is good and at a great price and comes out hot and freshly cooked- oh and fast, like no more then 10-15 minutes tops-. Well my friends, this place is my “go-to” place when my partner and I work long days and are starving. It’s Calgary Court in Chinatown, the parking is free on the street after 6:00 pm.

During the colder months, this place offers their Clay Pot Rice menu. Clay Pot Rice is a traditional Hong Kong style rice dish that is cooked in a clay pot with fresh or preserved meats and vegetables on top rice grains and cooked together for about 30 minutes and comes out pipping hot. Now I know I said above that you don’t have to wait no more then like 10- 15 minutes, but this dish is the exception because they have to cook the rice from scratch. But it’s well worth the wait because on a wintery day or even a rainy day, all you want is something hearty and warm and this is the dish for you. The prices range from about $10.95 – $12.95 (my memory is a little shot so don’t hold me against it) per pot. It comes with a bowl of soup, blanched vegetables with oyster sauce, and a bowl of dark soya sauce that is used to pour over top the rice. Oh, and this soya sauce is not the same as the one in the bottle, it’s a little thicker and has a really nice sweet savory taste to it.

Salted Fish with Minced Meat Clay Pot Rice- Calgary Court, Calgary, Alberta

Oh yes my friends, this one here is their Salted Fish with Minced Meat (Pork with Mushrooms) Clay Pot Rice. It’s so good, so salty and seriously the *star* of this dish is the salted cured fish that’s on top. It’s not to everyone’s liking since it is kinda fermented, but for me brings me back to my childhood when my mom would make her own version and we would eat it with a big bowl of steaming white rice. MmmmMMMmmmm….. *drool*

This is a seasonal menu and they have it during the cold winter months, to tell when it’s available they’ll have a picture of one on the front of their menu. If you are going to try one and feel adventurous then get the Salted Fish with Minced Meat or they do have another one which has Chinese Sausages and Dried Ham which is also very very good- actually it’s the classic clay pot rice.

Happy Eating!

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